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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by John Hicks, Apr 18, 2012.

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    What about psuedo-grandparents? John, what's it take to inflate/deflate and setup? I've rowed Derek's raft a few times, and Tandy and i are wondering about something we can throw in the truck and still haul our trailer.
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    Follow up. The boat is still making me excited and I find myself climbing in it in the yard from time to time just to enjoy her more. The raft now has a name, the SS Vincent after my late father. I've been out a few times in it down a couple rivers. Nothing really narly but a few small class III's. The tracking is great on the raft and it is very manueverable even with three guys and lots of gear loading it down. I will say this, you should def have the bigger of the guys in the front of the boat. The seat on the stern is pretty far back and can make the raft sit low in the back due to the highly rockered bottom.

    As for the Options I have in the boat. I have one dry box that sits under the front passanger, filled with life jackets, patch kit, pump. I have a 19"X19" box in the cockpit. I think it is called a cooler box. I carry my rain jacket and all dry food in it. There is a "palmer box" or tackle box on the frame just right of the oarsmans seat. This carries all my tippet, flies, and 45ACP very nicely, oh and some chocolate as well. I have one full size spare sawyer oar mounted onthe frame to the right of the oarsman. Highback oarsman's seat (so fucking worth it!). I have lean bars for both the front and rear fisherman. I keep my cooler behind the oarsman, as the rear seat is so high that the passangers feet dangle unless you have a cooler there. I have heard of people putting a strap back there for the rear passangers feet, but the cooler I have is just right, and still not in the way of standing up and fishing.

    Alex, as far as breaking it down, I'm not that sure. I don't plan on breaking it down. I have heard that Maravias aren't the best boats for that as the extra toughness of the material, can work against you folding up tight.
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