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    I posted something similar in the fly fishing forum but thought I might have some better luck with the flies aspect of my question. Does anyone have any suggestions for striper flies in fresh water lakes and rivers. Im moving to Kentucky pretty soon so I need to get ready... thanks
  2. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Not Kentucky but you might want to check out Lake Lanier which is in Georgia.
    I haven't fished it but know folks that have. It has a good population on stripers.
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    Gizzard or threadfin shad imitations should work .

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    Check out Lots of good info there.


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    +1 on clousers. Big ones! Any large baitfish pattern works, but when they're bustin bait, one that looks similar to what they're eating works best. I've got them on poppers, too.
    Just the memory of casting to big stripers busting baitballs under the light of a full moon makes my palms sweat. Ohhhh, the violence! I didn't get any over ten pounds, most were around six or seven, but my six weight(the biggest in my arsenal at the time) was barely up to the task. Next time I'm bringing an eight. I keep putting Vegas in Enlightened's head, just to spend a day on Lake Mead;)
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    Thanks guys i appreciate it. Triploid i also get excited for stripers going after bait balls. I have spent a few summers down in Utah at Lake Powell, its crazy seeing those bait balls hit the top of the water out of no where. A few times while i was hiking the hills around the lake i could look down and see about 20 different bait balls hitting the water within a 5 min paddle from our house boat. I never had the chance to fly fish for them. And my family is in Oklahoma around the dams we get massive stripers and im looking forward to being pretty close and getting to hit a few on the fly. Thanks for the help.
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    Look up Dan Blanton's Board on the interwebs