Stripping basket quick question

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by MasterAnglerTaylor, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Stripping basker quick question

    As nice as the storebought baskets are I think I'll just stick to my homemade one, sure I'll have to contend with the occasional line tangles but when it breaks and they will, exposure to the salt and sun eats all plastics eventually I can make another in about a half hour and for under 8 bucks, screw fancy give me functional and cheap.
  2. Stripping basker quick question

    Orvis on big water, William Joseph retractable on streams/when hiking-in/might need one.
  3. Stripping basker quick question

    :ray1: This is a true story, wear anything Orvis & all others will step aside & bow as you pass.

  4. Stripping basker quick question

  5. Stripping basker quick question

    OK, I'll bite, the wife and I just went through this debate... she bought hers (39.99 plus tax), I made mine doe under 25 bucks. Hers looks better, but I am willing to be mine will perform better... here is where I went (don't laugh).

    Black Sterlite Tub (Wal-Mart, $2.98)
    1.5" webbing, clips, etc. (Seattle Outdoor Fabrics, $8.14)
    Plastic Tops (Snapdoodle toys, 8x $1.49) - For line-stays (seriously)

    I messed around with wire-ties for line-stays, but I want to be able to stack stuff in my basket. I won't look as cool as some previous poster (or get my shoulders rubbed, which I am OK with), but it works great! I should post a picture, but I am sure I will get a laugh or two...
  6. Stripping basker quick question

    AP, would love to see that basket. I've just taken my outcast soft basket and added some cones that should make it more effective. I've built a few and bought some. There are high and low points to all stripping baskets, made or bought, I'm sure.
  7. Stripping basker quick question


    Let me get one posted tonight, I just got back from Picnic, and while I didn't catch anything, the basket worked great, where my wife had some knots (snicker). (She doesn't read this website thank goodness!):thumb:
  8. Stripping basker quick question the pics, not to getting skunked or to her having some issues with her basket. Did you offer to swap hers for yours?
  9. Stripping basker quick question

    I am sure that would have been the right thing to do... but no. :D Here is the picture I promised. Just some simple epoxy to keep the "tops" on. My wife's advice, "go with black for the bin color... from a distance it doesn't look home-made."
  10. Stripping basker quick question

    Nice. I've got one of those same tubs as a backup or loaner basket. I was pretty happy with my latest mod of my soft outcast basket. I added some epoxy to some cones and improved it, or so I think.
  11. Stripping basker quick question

    In high school I worked part time at a sun testing facility in Miami where they exposed paint chips and other materials to the sun to measure how fast they deteriorated. It was incredible to see some plastic that had been in the sun for over 20 years and still looked great. It looked like dashboard material and was still glossy. Not all the samples had that same UV resistance though, you could tell as the sample got more and more faded or even cracked.

    Not saying all plastic is that durable - just a quick story. I keep my plastic stuff out of the sun as much as possible.

    On my stripping basket I plan to epoxy on a small container where I can store the flies I've used but not rinsed in fresh water yet. I don't wear a vest and am getting tired of finding loose flies in my fleece pockets....

  12. Stripping basker quick question

    my first stripping basket rubbermaid white in color lasted for 2 years before it started getting brittle and cracking of course I never rinsed it and it got left out in my driveway alot perhaps it would have lasted longer with a little better care.
  13. What exactly is a "stripper basket" used for? Besides the obvious of putting your line in it, what is it's purpose? I've never heard of them before, so I'm curious.
  14. I'm pretty sure he meant "stripping basket" which merely is a place to hold line from a line management standpoint. Also serves to keep lines from coiling up a bunch so that when shooting line your running line can peel out of the stripping basket without restriction and can really let your fly get downrange!
  15. The basket is particularly helpful when standing in "lettuce" covered water. It keeps the debris from collecting on the line and interfering with your cast. I also use mine to hold stuff (temporarily) while I'm changing flies, fooling with the camera, or whatever. It is also my safety net because I usually drop something while tying on a different fly (I usually drop the fly at least once......).

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