Stripping Basket recommendations?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by R00k, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. I've tried several of the mesh baskets, and while more comfortable, they don't work anywhere near as well as the Orvis or Linkurv.

    I do use my Wm Joseph though, it's excellent for picking huckleberries and mushrooms.
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  2. :)
  3. I made three or four of my own and they worked... for a while. The cones I glued on would break or come off and the weed eater line or zip ties would get bent over or warped. I broke down and bought the Orvis basket and it works great, well worth the money.

    For the boat option I use a tall laundry basket and it works great.
  4. I cut the William Joseph netting off the belt and put the Ikea footstool where the netting would be. This combo works really well. The belt is very comfortable and the basket works well. Good idea for the berry picking!
  5. I have been using a KR Line Tender(collapsible stripping basket) by HMH for many years while fishing Baja beaches for sierra's and rooster's. For the past four weeks I used it almost every morning in 1 to 3 foot waves with no issues. I have modified the basket using 1/8 inch painted plywood to form fit the bottom. Corn cob handles are attached to the plywood which usually eliminate line tangles. The plywood forms a solid bottom and helps the sides of the basket to be relatively rigid. The collapsible basket fits into a 10" x 15" x 1" mesh bag. It takes up very little space when traveling. The collapsible basket was pretty useless without the plywood and corn cob handles.

    I mostly fish out of a boat on Puget Sound but often go ashore to fish gravel bars and shallow shelves plus occasionally walk 1/4 to 1 1/2 miles into a couple of beaches. It is very convenient to carry the basket slung over a shoulder when walking. In my boat I use a collapsible cloths hamper with two 3/4" treated plywood circles to keep the basket from blowing out of the boat when motoring. Corn cobs handles are again attached to plywood.


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