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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Clay Carney, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. I am planning on making or buying a stripping basket and would like some opinions on what works best, material (mesh or plastic), size (depth), shape, ect.. What is the reason for the bottom being ribbed and/or having cone shapes?

  2. The cones or fingers at the bottom of the basket keep the coils of your line from sliding through one another and creating knots. In theory anyways. . .
    I've made a handful of baskets now and have yet to make a perfect one. I still think Orvis makes the best one, but a bit pricey.
    My current basket's fingers are made with 2-3" strips of "Poly Foam Caulk Saver" ( it's a 3/4 inch tube of foam that you'd use to caulk windows and doors). I set plastic screws through the bottom of the basket and used epoxy where the screws go into the bottom of the fingers. Works well.

    I'm also becoming a believer in using warm water lines, like the Orvis bonefish lines, as they are stiffer and less apt to tangle while in the basket (but require a serious stretch before casting).

    Good luck.
  3. Well, the cones are to keep tangles to a minimum. I have seen some baskets that use heavy mono loop to help recent tangles. Don't know about the ribbing.
  4. The ribbing or cones are there to keep your line from tangling up. Earlier this spring I bought the Orvis plastic stripping basket for like $60. I have used it a few times in all the times I have been out. The problem I have with it is that when stripping line, I release the line beyond the width of the basket, meaning that I still have line dragging in the water. I find for me that it gets in the way of my room to strip my fly in. For what its worth, you might just try making one, or for me wade out further where the sea weed wont tangle you up as much.
  5. Here is a basket you might want to consider. You should be able to purchase these through any TFO dealer. The "Hip Shooter" basket has gotten lots of interest on Dan Blanton's board. I personally have never used one but will be ordering one very shortly.
    I still wish LL Bean carried their $20.00 stripping basket. The same basic basket at Orvis is $59.00.
  6. I recommend buying one of the LL Bean ones. Those baskets have been an institution on the East Coast for decades for a reason. The avid Angler used to carry them and hopefully still does, but for a little more than the catalog price. But that's because they aren't an LL Bean dealer and have to order them at a higher than normal wholesale price. Then again you get it "now" and you don't pay shipping. As well as the cones, it has two cool notches in the top that you can lay your rod across while changing flies, etc.

    A friend of mine back east showed me a cool trick that you can do on hard stripping baskets. Attach velcro on a flat interior surface and velcro your fly box to it.
  7. Thats one of the reasons the East Coast beach guys developed the two handed strip. Line goes straight down into the basket and you can easily match the speed of 2 foot one handed strips, with more action (stops between strips) on nose weighted flies. If you don't want to do a two hand strip wear your basket on your hip, not on your belly. Works for some people. I just bang my knuckles when I do it. I use the two hand strips.
  8. Let me know if you're not using that Orvis basket and want to part with it; I'd buy it if available for reasonable price. :D


    Richard the staunch believer in strippping baskets.
  9. Phil, to my knowledge, LL Bean discontinued the basket for '07. I tried to locate one on their website, and couldn't find one. I think someone on Blanton's Board mentioned the hard baskets were discontinued. They were a serious bar-goon . . . too late to the party for me.

    Dang! :beathead:

  10. Did you call Avid?
  11. Phil

    Arts 'n Flies have been out of the cone insert for over six months at least (guess 'temporarily' means different things for different companies.....). Anyone know who else stocks these or a good substitute?

    After trying a mesh collapsible, a too small Orvis collapsible (deeply discounted from Sierra) and homemade with 'fingers', and being also too late to get an LL Bean, I've been considering this one, mainly for the cones:

  12. I bought what was called a "media holder/organizer" from Ikea about 6 years ago. It's about 18 inches square soft-ish white rubber, and it has all these 3 to 4 inch fingers sticking up. I refer to it as my "mexican boot scraper" because I throw it down on Panga fore decks and strip my line onto it. It's actually a little heavy sits in place regardless of wind or wave action. Even under power. I'll try to take a picture later but if anybody's down at Ikea some time you might want to look for one. Or maybe at the "container store" on your next Orvis Bellevue trip? It's just down the street across from the mall. Oh by the way, I have no idea what media you store on it, or how you would do it. All these fingers every 2 and half inches...:confused:
  13. watch added for scale
  14. Here's what I use out in the drink...very simple to make and effective!!!!

  15. Ive been out fishing beaches a lot lately. While it's nice to see so many fly fisherman, it pains me to see so many of them not using stripping baskets! I meet people who tell me they don't need one bc they're using a floating line. . . They will never go back after they give it a try.
  16. Phil, Scott

    Thanks for the info and taking the time to post pics - I have no idea what the media holder holds either - those wacky Scandinavians! (Before anyone takes offense, my better half who is one has just kicked me...and she has no idea either). But thanks to you both for the ideas for messing around with v.2 of homemade. I used 3" bolts covered with shrink tubing (seemed like a good idea at the time) - it was fine, but now after Phil's persuasive posts a few weeks back, I find myself with a switch rod (which is a dream when it all goes right for 2-handed overhead: say 1 in 5 right now...) and the current basket snarls up much more with the extra 20-30' of line I can occasionally get out. Suspect I've got too many 'fingers'. But I also suspect I am looking for perfection where there is none: when's the next meeting of the Outbound support group?

    It's still feast or famine on BI East Side: quiet tonight with only a small coho to hand in 2 hours but good action last Sat evening when there were plenty of boats out - I was taking most (all coho) in 6' of water on a 3" pink half and half, and seemingly doing better than folks further out - but the reverse tonight. Beautiful sunset though....

  17. So, Philster, looks like that is on your bed... Is that really all you use it for...? :cool:
  18. I tried this. Not so nice. They do tend to shoot fairly well *if* you stretch them really well, btu even then I founf I was stretching every 15 minutes and even then it was coiling on me too much. Now, had I hooked a nice fish to help me straighten it out that might have helped matters... However, comparing the Outboudna dn my bonefish line on my 6 wt up here? No contest for me.


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