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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by golfman44, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Looking for a stripping basket. Please include pics with your offers.
  2. Dude. A dish pan and bungy cord will do the trick. :) There was a really cool self made one some months back here on the forum. It was made from a footstool from IKEA. You might check the search if no one has one to sell.
  3. Puget sound fly Co has some great ones. Not overly priced and with rounded edges

  4. Any ballpark $$ figure?
  5. Peninsula Outfitters in Poulsbo has the kind I like. Rounded edges, integrated line separating cones and close to my house!
  6. I think around $35??????
  7. just get a tupperware container(about 8 to 10" long by 12to 15" wide by 6 to 8 inches deep) and drill about 9 holes in the bottom. cut the plastic on the backside to acomodate a wading belt from your waders and you are all set for less than 5 bucks. Mine worked great on the last pink run!!
  8. Go to Puget Sound Fly Co and get a linekurv basket. They are reasonably priced and work great.
  9. I use a $2.99 tupperware type container. I drilled holes in the bottom and inserted 8-10 1/2"- 1" of weed eater line (fingers/nubs) to reduce coiling in the bottom and for line seperation while stripping. I used silicone to seal up the holes and hold the line.
    For the belt loops, I drilled out the slots( since cutting the plastic usually leads to splits and cracks) and inserted the belt at the correct angle for my stripping angle and stance. It took me 20 minutes... maybe 30.
  10. On my way to ikea now. Thank you gents.
  11. Did you get the plans for modifying the Ikea kids step? I can find them again if needed.
  12. Lets see if it gets attached.

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  13. +1

    I finally bit the bullet after fighting all the salad and barnacled rocks a couple of days ago. Ran up to Peninsula Outfitters and picked up a Linekurv basket.
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  14. Thank for that. There were literally only 2 of these step stools left. Glad I went today. Time to order those xmas tree cones. Thanks again!
  15. This is really similar to the one I have if not identical. I believe mine was an Orvis but no matter they work great, get it.

  16. They are nice but I'm saving myself about $40 making my own. Thats about 100 or so flies so its worth it to me. I know mine wont be as nice but I'll settle for it. If it causes me issues I'll go grab a linekurv.
  17. my lowes had them in the fasteners aisle
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