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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by scottr, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. How many of you use stripping baskets when you fish from the beach?

    I fished from the beach for the first time today (MA 10 North Seattle saw a few fish jump but no luck). I found that I had a hard time with the surface tension holding the extra line down on my double haul.

    I am using a 10 ft Sage RPL+ 8 wt. I was using a Rio Versa Tip with the intermediate head and a size 2 Clouser Minnow. There was some wind and wind chop but it seemed like I was casting well under my potential.

    Would a stripping basket help me shoot the line better? What about switching to a floating line? Any other tips (besides getting a two hander)?

    Also anyone have a good link to making a DIY stripping basket?

  2. Stripping basket is a must if you're going to do any real amount of beach fishing. Just do it. Dont contemplate it. Just go buy or make one and be much happier. Fighting current and salad sucks. Shooting nice coils of line rules.

    On that note, I'd suggest one of the shooting head lines with the integrated head. Personally I'm a pretty big fan of the Rio Outbound short, but Airflo 40+ is fine too. Those are the two I fish. There are others I don't have experience with. The Streamer Express is a pretty popular line, I've just never fished it.

    A good shooting head, a stripping basket, and a double haul and you're all set.
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  3. Thanks Nick. I think I'll try the Ikea step stool DIY stripping basket and see how it goes first and then look at a new line if I find I want more distance.

    How far do I need to cast to get in the general zone of success for beach cruising salmonids?

  4. Yup. That will work nicely.

    IMO one of the biggest advantages of those lines is the ability to minimize false casting. A roll to get the head out, a single back cast with a good haul, then stop nice and high and watch it sail. This will save wear and tear on your arm and believe me that adds up quickly, and it keeps your fly in the water more!

    I think the more distance the better for obvious reasons. The more water your fly covers the better the chance of it interesting a fish. I hook most of by fish fairly close but I have a feeling most are following the fly from quite a ways further out before committing. And of course there are those days when an 85 foot cast will reach the edge of that rip, and the fish, and a 60 foot cast just wont do it.

    Don't sweat the distance too much though. The best gear fisher I've seen on the beach never chucks his herring more than about 40 feet.
  5. I agree with Nick on all his recomendations, stripping basket is a must, and shooting head lines are a game changer on the beach.
  6. An absolute item for sure, especially when salad buffet moves in.
  7. Sounds like you were trying to cast a sinker. If you are using sinking line or heads with running line, a stripping basket is a requirement for fishing the beach. It's not 100% necessary when fishing a "standard" dryline unless salad is in the water.

  8. If you decide to make your own stripping basket, try to make one without holes.
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  9. I'm with SF on the no holes. I know lots of people like them, but the other day I was next to a dude that waded/fished fairly deep with holes in his basket. The basket was filled with water to about an inch from the top and I can't imagine that it worked as well that way as all the line can slosh around and tangle, plus there's the added tension when going to shoot the line. I like no holes so that when I wade deeper it just kind of floats on the surface and doesn't fill with water. If you do get water in the basket, it takes about 2 seconds to tip it back and drain it.
  10. I'd try without holes first, as once you drill them you can't undo them. I bought one of those green molded plastic jobs they sell at my local fly shop... I believe they are made in Sweden or some damn place. It didn't originally have holes, but after a while I added some. I hate having the damn thing fill with water, and had it almost pull me over a few different times when wading deep and a wave came in. Never felt like it was any danger, just a hassle. So I ended up drilling some holes. I do experience with Matt describes with it filling with water, I just tend to loosen my belt and pull it higher up on my chest when I wade deep.

    Try it out and see what feels best to you.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the advice. No holes makes a lot of sense so I'll be sure to follow that advice.

    Are spikes/posts necessary to prevent line tangles? They will require drilling and would need to be aqua sealed to prevent water from leaking in so if they aren't needed I'd save the time on my construction.
  12. Nick, this is the argument I hear a lot, but unless you drill some SERIOUS holes (like take half the bottom out) I don't see how it could drain fast enough to prevent a wave from filling it and pulling you over just the same. Maybe I'm missing something....

    At any rate, Nick's advice is sound. Start with no holes and only add them if you have a problem. It's not as easy to refill holes if you decide you don't want them.

  13. When I first drilled the holes I took the basket to work and drilled them out here. I drilled what I thought was enough holes to work ok. I found out quickly it wasn't enough. I had to add quite a few more. I wouldn't say I took out half the bottom, but yeah I did have to open it up quite a bit. At any rate, you're right if a significant wave came it could still pull enough to be dangerous. The drain is more for a comfort thing really. The feel of that pulling down on my waste just annoys the hell out of me more than anything.

    To each their own. Either way you go, a stripping basket will make life much easier on the beach.
  14. The Orvis stripping basket was designed a long time ago by some smart people at MIT who found that six cones placed just right prevented tangles in running lines. I have seen some ingenious versions of DIY baskets in my life. The best had six plastic champagne party glasses with the bottoms removed that were glued upside down.

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  15. When I had a homemade basket I didn't have any spikes and it seemed to work ok. You can always try it without first and then add them if you're getting a lot of tangles. Honestly, for me it was easier to just go get a pre-made stripping basket that is desinged with all the right features rather than messing with homemade ones. They seem pricey at first but it was a well spent $60 and it should last forever. If you plan to stick with beach fishing then I don't think you'll regret the money spent.
  16. ^^^ Bingo

    Best sixty bucks I've ever spent on anything fly fishing related.
  17. I used to have minimal holes in mine...until I started fishing the Oregon coast. After several very close calls with smaller waves (you can go from ankle deep to chest deep really quickly), I put in enough holes for it to drain quickly. I've found, however, that even with the high number of holes, it'll still float up with rising water pretty well considering, not to mention that I'm rarely in that deep of water constantly because the levels are changing rapidly. Then again, out there (any beach with direct access to open ocean), the chances of water coming down on you quickly are greater than the relative protection of Puget Sound beaches...

    It all depends on where you do the majority of your fishing...

    hmmm, maybe it's time to make another basket...but without holes. We'll see how this weekend goes with mine.

  18. What are the beneifits of having holes in a stripping basket just curious? I bought the orvis basket in 2000 and love it. The one I owned prior to that was made out mesh and it did not perform well at all.
  19. scottr,
    The two most popular basket you can buy are the Orvis and Linekurv. Both are sold without holes.
    I'm with mtskibum16 in that I don't like my basket filling up with water due to the holes if I need to wade deeper to fish a spot. It seems the water sloshing around tends to cause more tangles, at least in my case. You'll take a wave every now and then that will fill your bucket, but overall our beaches are pretty mild compared to fishing the surf.
    I've used baskets with and without holes. For my own fishing, I've found a basket with no holes works best. I like to add just a tad of water to the basket to keep my line wet. I've found this to be the best combo for reducing tangles.
    If you end up putting holes in the bottom of your basket and not liking them, you can always use Goop to plug them up. If the holes are on the side like on the Ikea stool, you can just cover those with a Hello Kitty sticker or something similar.

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  20. It's a well known fact that a Hello Kitty sticker placed directly over one's hole will bring strange looks from fellow fishermen, but plenty of good fish karma nonetheless.
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