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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Daryle Holmstrom, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. So I watched some bass fishing show on whatever, since they catch and release why don't they pinch the barbs, saw one Bass that ate it to the gills and the guy went in with pliers, he laughed threw it back in and said look it flipped again. Think it was cable 633
  2. Stupid is as stupid does.
  3. Could be the guy is just a BASShole.
  4. Or a Bass turd.
  5. No, he's a bass fisherman.....
  6. There is still a mortality rate for caught bass, thus the reason in bass tournaments you are penalized for dead fish. Some anglers know this and will pinch or whatever, but a caught bass is still worth more than a lost bass. As for non tourney fishing? Don't know. I do know that bass are far more resilient then trout and bass guys who switch to trout tend to have a hard time not lipping.

  7. With that, I pinch all the barbs on my bass flies.

  8. Most bass guys I've ran into don't pinch the barbs even when they C&R. The worst is when you see them target other species like trout and absolutely manhandle them. I saw the guy from the city limits fishing show kill about 4 or 5 trophy (10lb range) browns because he used barbed hooks and lifted them up by the gills to show the camera. The whole time he emphasized the importance of C&R despite the fact that the fish he was throwing back were bleeding profusely.
  9. Always pinch and sharpen my bass flies not so much for the fish, but with a fly rod the hook drives so much easier and I don't lose fish. Of course it does make it easier to release them. Love it: "He's a bass fisherman." The bass-tard.
  10. Any bass that I catch I kill and throw on the bank. They are really bad for trophy trout lakes....... Example is when Chopaka had them in there. They killed the population of good trout.....
  11. Bass aren't even native to washington. Handle them however you wish. They're really bad for most of the systems they're in (Columbia River especially).
  12. Caveman, where legal to do so I encourage the harvest if you so wish but to blatantly throw fish on shore to waste unless there is an actual directive... seems... well... cavemanish.

    Plenty of systems in our state that have both bass and trophy trout. The one example of Chopaka isn't even the full story. In fact when they cleaned that lake out they didn't quite find the evidence of small mouth they thought they would.

    Evan? Really? Not native so do what you want? So much wrong with that statement. I'm normally cool but I'm not sure I understand the bass hate.

  13. Yeah, really. Convince me to think otherwise.

    Name one thing wrong with that statement. What place do bass have competing with our wild salmon, steelhead, and others in systems like the Columbia? They're introduced in every system/lake they exist in around the state. If it's not native, I don't think it deserves us going out of our way to treat them the way we would something that actually belongs there.
  14. I agree with Evan on this, I have removed many a bass from lakes were they were stocked by some basshole who thought they should be there.
  15. Again, I don't understand the bass hate. I do understand in circumstances where they have been introduced and the state or other agency wants them out. I agree with some of it, but an outright hate for a non-native species? Really? Just out of curiosity what is your nationality? I know this might be going to an extreme, but should we ban anything that isn't a dinosaur, better yet should we start throwing whitey up on the bank because the "Natives" were here first? The "It isn't native, therefore do with it what your will.", argument really fails me, that is what is wrong with that statement. No more put and take fisheries, no more Lone, Pass, Dryfalls, Lenice, Nunally, Chopaka, Rattlesnake, etc... Start tossing all the Rocky Ford mutants up on shore, they don't belong their anyway. At what point does a fishery become part of the system? Shall we start banning earthworms? Did you know they are not Native to North America. Horses? Scotchbloom? Ok, I'm ok with taking out the Dadelion. Do you drink beer? Are the hops native? Let me know when I've made my point. "Bass aren't even native to washington. Handle them however you wish. They're really bad for most of the systems they're in (Columbia River especially)."

    Evan I think you do a lot of fishing for steel and I can understand your perspective but I'm mostly a stillwater guy and to be honest most if not all of our lakes our bastardized non-native fisheries in the first place, ones that we created. Now in the Columbia, I do find it hard to believe that there is a bounty on Northern Pike Minnow, but not small mouth. With you here, I completely agree.

    My defense of bass stems to stillwaters where a sustainable bass fishery is in a lot of ways much better than a trout fishery. Now, with that I don't like "bass-turds" dumping in bass just to purposely ruin another fishery and in those cases where legal, I will keep without guilt my fair share of bass but I think it is and will continue to think it unethical to kill a species just because it is that species, (with the exception maybe of female mosquitos) I also refuse to believe that it is ok to waste a food fish by ditching up on the bank or bushes.

  16. I love to fly fish for bass and release everyone I catch. With the way our salmon and steelhead are going bass may be the only wild fish left to fish for.
  17. KerryS, well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Bass hate based upon the fact that they are non native, introduced species is ridiculous. If all fisheries operated on that basis we would have few, limited oportunities. Hatchery Steelhead would be a thing of the past and as Irafly mentioned, most Eastside desert stillwater opportunities would be gone because hatchery fish are introduced and therfore based upon previous commentary would be undesdireable and that would be a tragedy. Just the wholesale idea that introduced species don't deserve to exist in their non native areas is assinine. By being a proponent of that idea shows an incredible amount of disrespect to those amazing members of the Trailblazers and the HiLakers clubs who carried in live fish in milk buckets on their backs, miles and miles into a multitude of lakes, ponds, and streams in the mountains of Washington so that we can now have more opportunites today. My father-in-law is one of those people who along with Eddie Bauer and others like him showed vision for the future by caring enough to invest time and lots of energy to expand fishing opportunities for generations to come. People just need to look at the bigger picture ad realize that a narrow focus can just be narrowmindedness.
  19. You're making a whole lot of assumptions that I never said. But I don't even care enough about this to debate it. So you guys can rest easy in knowing that I don't even fish for these things, or in many, if any places that they reside. So your fish are safe.

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