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  1. They're definitely bad for most of the systems they're in. What's your stance on other non-natives like brookies and browns?
  2. Depends on whether or not they're competing with a native population of fish.
  3. What's your definition of native. Because in most flowing waters the northern pikeminnow, aka the squawfish, is a native species and rainbow trout is not. Not to forget whitefish and suckers-they are native as well.
  4. I already said I'm not going to debate this or even elaborate any further. My level of caring on this matter is slim to none. Other than the huge bass populations in the Columbia system, I could give a rats ass about most any other introduced fish we have in this state. Many lakes that never had fish before now provide angling opportunities that had never existed, and I think that's great. I just don't see a need to get bent out of shape about a bass or two that got a barbed hook stuck to it.
  5. I believe our responses stems from the fact that you posted in the stillwater section and originally you did not define your perspective well. I hope you understand why some folks may have misread your intent. You fish for steel in the Columbia, you don't like the bass there because they are not native and they mess with the native fish you would like to see restored. You obviously do not support the bounty on Northern Pike Minnow and must instead support an erradication of the non-nates in the system as well. With this you probably would be up for targeting the turns that are know to feed on smolt. I believe that based on your other posts you support a multiple number of conservation techniques in order to protect/restore said fish regardless if those practices are realistic or not. Good luck in your hatchery management campaign.

    Again if you do not wish to debate, I hope you understand why we thought you did.

  6. Killing bass and not eating them is stupid and illegal, even in places where they don't belong. And it wasn't the bass that screwed Chopaka(though they certainly didn't help). It was the big, predatory triploids introduced by WDFW that killed that lake.
  7. Killed Chopaka? Apparently you didn't fish there last spring or fall becuase the catching was outstanding. I've fished Chopaka for over 2 decades and although I do remember it being better in some previous years, it was more than satisfactory last season.

    I don't see anything wrong with trying to fish out spiny rays in places where quality trout fisheries have been illegally planted or places where the introduced centrarchids are eating native juvenile salmonids. However, throwing centrarchids on the bank seems a bit wasteful. What's wrong with eating 'em for dinner or letting them rot a bit and using them for crab bait? Personally, I don't hate bass, I just don't like to fish for them because they are so easy to land. The only bass I've ever caught that fought for more than a couple minutes was a 5 pound smally in Lake Wa. I caught it fishing for cutts and man was it tasty! That was before I was concerned about the effect of water quality on the resident fishes in Lake Wa. At this point, you couldn't pay me to eat a resident fish from Lake Wa. or Lake Sam. because their tissue is loaded with a cocktail of chemicals.
  8. They poisoned it and restocked about two years ago(last spring it just came back into true form). When they have to poison a lake to start over I consider it killed, though it did rebound nicely. WDFW biologist say they won't put any more triploids in, just fingerlings like they always have. The stunted smallmouth were the result of local bucket biologists, not a WDFW mistake like the trips.
  9. OK triploid junkie, now I know what you mean by killed. When you wrote that the triploids killed the lake I didn't think you meant they rotenoned it because of the triploids. Your wording confused me but I'm glad to hear that the planting plans will go back to what worked in the past.

  10. The reproduce and kill all small fish in the ecosystem it is unreal. They destroy a lot of what should be good trophy lakes.
  11. Sounds like you just described the human race. Still no excuse to just chuck them in the bushes. I think its cute that you keep trying to defend your position though. Keeps things interesting.

  12. Yes, I agree on the human race issue. Cute, come on Ira, you could have used a better word. Have to defend what I believe in. I understand that most fish species are noty native. I just would rather have one over the other one.
  13. You catch, you kill, you throw on the bank? Come on man. That is fish wasting and you should get your fishing priveledges revoked for a while to make you appreciate what you have an are wasting. Mother Nature did not make Trophy Lakes, she created ecosystems. Ecosystems that vary from season to season and year to year. Man made Trophy Lakes by altering the ecosystem for his own selfish pursuits.

    If you are gonna kill fish just because they are bycatch and not the species you are after, how about picking a better place where your target species is the only game in town? Otherwise, how about hanging it up?
  14. That is right Mumbles you are the fly fisherman of all flyfisherman. So why is it you fish then? To catch and release fish, isn't that wrong also then. For you own fun and enjoyment. Why even fish then. You could possibly be hurting or even killing the fish everytime you catch and release it so why even do it. According to animal activists that is crule also. You are funny, I guess you should not be allowed to fish atr any trophy lakes that are stocked with trout, that is the priveledge you get when there are no bass in there that might damage that specific lake. That is right, you know all about everything, I forgot. To kill bass, nothing wrong with it. The majority of the people that are fly guys don't like bass for the reason I said. Have you ever heard of a lake getting overfished by catching to many bass? No not at all.
  15. It is too bad that you feel it is constructive to waste a natural resource and to mock someone like Ed at the same time. If you feel the need to kill indiscriminately you should go work on an offshore catcher processor in the Pacific and see the Dollies, and Steelhead that get caught, killed, and tossed over the side. It would be good to know where you live so that we won't have to worry about the stink from dead, wasted bass.
  16. There is a lot more bass than salmon out there. And to mock Mumbles, it funny how someone can start to mock me but can't take it. There is a lot of good info, and for me to say I kill bass doesn't mean that I agree on killing Stealhead and other native Salmon species. If you want PM me and I can give you directions to my house. How is that.
  17. No, I thought cute was about right. :)

  18. I can take it, it is cute. You are right. I am mistaken. No need to get in a fight about our disagreements in fishing. Have a great day.
  19. You must not be counting the 6 million pinks that return to the sound rivers alone. For some reason I don't believe there are more bass than salmon. Like this thread it really doesn't matter.
  20. Disagreements are ok, it's the people who blow them way of proportion. Seems that when ever some one gets all mad they start getting all excited.

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