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  1. Caveman, have your cake and eat it too. Catch bass, kill it, eat it. The best fish & chips I ever had was made from bass and perch. No point in letting a good fish & chips rot on the bank!
  2. (If you feel the need to kill indiscriminately you should go work on an offshore catcher processor in the Pacific and see the Dollies, and Steelhead that get caught, killed, )quote ryfly

    Did you acually see this happen , in my 25 plus years as a commercial fisherman , I caught less than 15 steelhead in a gillnet in both puget sound and south east alaska in a ten year period,the rest of my time crabbing & trawling on the berring sea I never saw a steelhead or any trout caught,
  3. Where did someone blow something out of proportion? No really I'd like you to quote it so I can understand your concept of proportion. I think it will help us all understand you better. Right now I think our proportions have been about right as it concerns admitted illegal activity on your part. Again, please point out where we have blown it out of proportion.

    Thank you in advance my "cute" friend (yep, still think it works),

  4. This is a stupid thread now. If I ever find a bass in a trout only lake I too will gut it and toss it to the weeds.
  5. Waste is waste no matter how you look at it.
  6. It not illegal to kill bass. Show me in the regs that it is illegal to kill bass? Don't think it says it any where in there. Never said that I killed more than my limit either. I could kill my limit of trout too and not eat it. That is not illegal either. Never have done that.

  7. See, I am not the only one here on the thread that agrees with it. Seems that I am the only one to really say it, most people don't want to get hammered on the site about killing fish, let alone a bass. Trout only lake is where I do it, and I always will.
  8. "You may not:

    Intentionally waste fish or shellfish. This includes
    mutilating or clipping fins and then returning to
    the water any live fish (such as DOGFISH)."

    From page 20 of regs.
  9. Washington Sportfishing Pamphlet, page 20, first column under You May Not: 8th paragraph down

    You May Not:
    Intentionally waste fish or shellfish. This includes mutilating or clipping fins and then returning to the water any live fish (such as DOGFISH).
  10. Ha! Beat ya, Ed.
  11. Sorry Kerry, I was typing as you were typing. I was deleting my long winded unnecessary commentary.
  12. Yep. Not illegal to kill bass, but is a biiiig ticket you get caught wasting any fish. Why would you not eat bass if you're going to kill it!!?
  13. I am not returning it to the water, so there is nothing wrong with it... you guys are probably the ones that keep a few fish and throw them into the freezer and forget about them and then throw them away.

  14. O.M.G. You may not Intentionally waste fish. How much more clear do you need it!
  15. Humm, what about fish that the State pays you to catch to kill out of lakes and rivers in Eastern Washington. They are harming the Ecosystem, people kill them and it is allowed by the state. That is wasting fish too. Wasn't there a thread on any type of fish. Bass or not, fish are fish right. Tell the state that they are doing something against the regs. It's illegal to waste a fish. They are allowing it.
  16. You know what is funny, there are a lot of people who agree with me but don't have the balls to say anything because they don't want to get trashed on by saying there opinion. Some of you probably have hooked a fish in the eye or in the gills and let it go and still fished for the day on a 1 fish catch limit. You guys are just as guilty of doing the same type of stuff when it comes to killing fish of hurting fish that later will die.

  17. I know that if I try hard enough I can justify just about anything.
  18. The state regulates the fisheries. If they put a bounty on an invasive species then they have made an exception to the rules. The rules read pretty clear, and I did not notice any emergency rules change authorizing the wasting or bounty on bass.
  19. FWIW, the Northern Pikeminnow (squawfish) that are collected for bounty are not wasted. The ones that are food quality are made into fish patties etc., and those that are not go into catfood, fertilizer etc. I volunteered with the program for a week quite a few years ago while doing research for a paper. They will not accept fish that are not fresh and on ice.
  20. So easy to get all you wound up. Maybe you guys should not fish quality lakes that they kill off on the East Side that were illegally planted of Bass. Fish are fish, right.

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