NFR Stupidity, full circle....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Richard Torres, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. That makes me happy.
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  2. Amazing what people will post on Facebook...
  3. what a jackass.
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  4. Ha! something good come of facebook after all...
  5. Honestly I find it quite saddening.

    18 years old and he already has a DUI. Where's mom and dad?
    Someone needs to get him into something more constructive such as flyfishing once he get's out.
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  6. It takes an IDIOT to paste his life on that rag sheet. Some people just don't have enough brains to blow their own noses.
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  7. It is a good thing that breathing is an automatic reflex, if it took thinking to accomplish there would be a great decrease in the population.:D
  8. What? Are they crazy? Obviously, someone so stupid can not handle his "own recognizance".

    I weep for our country.
  9. It is not always the parents fault many times the mom and dad do all they can but this kid is 18 and making adult decisions. Don't judge the parents from the stupidity of the child.
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  10. Ya just can't fix stupid
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  11. You can fix it but it isn't legal to do so.
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  12. Everyone (Gene, I'm lookin' at you ;)) who didn't do anything stupid when they were 18 and, but for the grace o' gawd, lived to tell about it, please go in a corner and stand on your head until I tell you to stop.
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  13. I'm sure I may have done some stupid stuff at the age of 18 but I didn't take out a full page ad in the local newspaper crowing about it.

    I may have done some stupid stuff, but I was draft age so I couldn't make it overly obvious or I would have ended up in a jungle in SE Asia :)
  14. I'm with you there. The only thing that kept me in college for four years!
  15. Yup. Plus, I used up all my good luck for the rest of my life when they drew my number and it was 304.

    No more good luck for me! It was a one time deal.
  16. When I was 18 I had RSMs and CSMs that took the stupid out of you in a hurry.:D By the time that I was 19 I had a couple of stripes and the stupid was gone. Compulsorily military service does have it's benefits, even tho ours was volunteer.
  17. Heck... when I was younger (about 67 or so) the little girl across the street told me that she didn't think I could ride my mountain bike down the stairs next to our house.

    She was right!

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  18. I suppose that she was doing a video thing about old people for her school project.:D
  19. Yeah, it makes a huge difference when there is an unjustified war going on and you don't have a choice if you end up in that war or not. It is all well and good if you join the service of your own free will and if so, good for you! You are doing a great service for our country and I honor all of you who joined for doing so. It's a little different story when the government snatches you off the streets and sends you off to a war that made no sense... then or today.

    Regardless of all that, those who post anything on The Internet who do not realize the ramifications of doing so have a skewed perception of reality that does border on stupidity. 18 is certainly old enough to have some knowledge of the workings of The Internet... at least, you'd think so.

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