NFR Stupidity, full circle....

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  1. You have to quit using acronyms. I looked these up and they had many definitions for them. I ain't smart enough to figure them out.
  2. Just for you Old Man, CSM = Company Sergeant Major, RSM = Regimental Sergeant Major = God
  3. Mine was in the low 200's; low enough to make me sweat for a couple years, but never called.

    It seems like every generation has its war, but there has rarely been one that divides the nation as much as Vietnam did. I like to think I did my part to bring that war to an end by manning the barricades after the Kent State shootings in 1970 and marching on D.C. in the May Day protests of 1971, which often is identified as the turning point in the war of public opinion that led to the end of that war.

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  4. You guys were lucky, I was 47 in the lottery. I was lucky though and already had a 2S deferment.
  5. I can agree and attest to that Jesse.
  6. We're off topic but you are absolutely correct. I was also an anti-war protester. That war wasn't split between political parties. You had hawks and you had doves in both parties. I tell you what, when a draft is involved, it makes a huge difference to public opinion. Folks these days keep forgetting that we're still at war and our soldiers are risking their lives every day. During the Vietnam War, that fact was never ignored as it is with Afghanistan. We've been at war in Afghanistan longer than any other war in US history. If there was a draft, I have a feeling we would have been gone a long time ago.

    Guys I knew who were drafted and sent to Vietnam came back and told us whatever we did, don't go! Move to Canada if we had to. The war was insanity with no clear mission as to what the hell we were doing there.
  7. Off topic, yes... but I have grave reservations about an all-volunteer "professional" military after having lived in several foreign countries ruled by military dictatorships. A military that is mostly reservists and draftees knows that its loyalty lies in the civilian population. It is too easy for a military caste to confuse its priorities and take over a country "for its own good".

    Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and a bunch of others with "disappeared" citizens whom they felt opposed them.

    Countries that are ruled by military juntas are never free.

  8. Ya, I did stupid stuff when I was 18, but I didn't brag or post about it when I came to the next morning.
    As for wars no matter what name you put on them sense WWII, all stupid, waste of time, $, human life.
    Plus, I don't see anyone with more freedom. Just my .02
  9. My lottery number was 5. I was determined, then, to join. But my dad (God rest his Korean War veteran combat medic soul.....) told me I should wait. I waited. Then the draft ended. I always listened to my dad after that.

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