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  1. Am I the only one that finds the use of subforums, instead of easy to find forums for each topic section, a pain??

  2. Yes. But don't worry, I won't overdue it with the subforums.
  3. If you haven't tried it you should click on the "new posts" link on the toolbar above, it displays all new posts in all subforums in 1 spot.
  4. Chris,
    One subforum is 10 too many :hmmm:

    You have to be logged in to use that function. The whole point is not to waste time logging in if there is nothing to response to. Finding out what is interesting is a whole lot easier without drilling down through subforums.:hmmm:

    Just my .02 cents worth.

  5. I agree that having the sub forums is a pain, regardless of the "new posts" link. Having all forums fully exposed is far more simple and convenient. I can see no advantage to the user in this feature.
    Whether the posts are new or not, surely I am not the only one that revisits topics that have not been added to recently.

    Question: If you must do this, would it be possible to provide the option of choosing a "classic view" user preference for those of us that prefer to have everything visible?

    It's all about having direct access to areas of interest.

  6. I like the way it is set up currently. I keep logged in by default and love the 'new posts' button, but I can see the issue if you use library computers often or something and don't like to spend the extra 3 seconds to login...
  7. For me, it is not about the login. The login is automatic when I access the forum from the WFF home page.
    It is about having selections for all forums visible on the forum main page without clicking through folders.
    There may very well be some storage advantage or something similar but I can not see any user advantage.

  8. Tim, I've included an image of the main forum listing you should be seeing. In it you should see the subforums (Patterns / Swaps) under the main Tying Forum. These are links with direct access. If you see these, you're basically saying you prefer them as top level forums to see how many people are in the subforums at the time, how many threads / topics there are and what the latest topic being discussed is. Otherwise there is no limit to directly accessing those subforums.

    I prefer to have the layout as is to keep the emphasis on a main tying forum. It also allow me to add links to areas that support some of these forums, like the patterns & swap galleries and the tides area, and to do so without making the main forum list too vertical.

  9. I think that too many subforms are distracting. For example,I went to the fly section and clicked on that thread about the glo bugs, well I had to go thru two subforms to get there. When before I went to Fly tying and just clicked on the main thread. There are starting to be too many steps to get to anything to read.

  10. Sometimes I can't log in because I can get fired for going on the site at work, than they cant track me. Maybe I should just quit work???
  11. Yes, my view is identical to the attached image (without your added notations, of course).
    Yes, I prefer them as top level forums to see how many people are in the subforums at the time, how many threads / topics there are and what the latest topic being discussed is.
    These are my preferences.

    In general, the recent changes are small and maybe inconsequential differences. Hardly life threatening.

    Just keep doing the same great job you have been doing and I am sure we will all live to see another day on the water. :)


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