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  1. sclay115

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    Hello everyone, as I look forward to this season, there is something I'd like to try my hand at that just never seemed to materialize last year.

    As an avid photographer (whatever that means), I have images from many of my trips, and adventures throughout the PNW and beyond. What I would like to do this year, is to perhaps tag along with some anglers in an attempt to capture what I feel fly fishing means to me, and perhaps to others.

    Basically, I'm just looking for some all around laid back fly anglers to tag along with and snap some photos. Any takers? I can pay handsomely with beer, food, and enormous original copies of the files to do whatever with that you please.


    P.S. Some of my photos live here:

    Though, more live here:
  2. Gary Knowels

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    You take some really awesome pictures! If you want to tag along with me once small stream season kicks in I wouldn't mind one bit. I like to fish the Sno Forks and Sky tribs as well as some streams around Mt. Rainier late in the summer.
  3. sclay115

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    That'd be great Gary! Let me know when you start to make plans to head out there! Looking forward to it!

  4. sclay115

    sclay115 New Member

    Hello again everyone, I half forgot about this post, must've been too busy enjoying the summer!

    Anybody have any interest in me tagging along?

  5. cnnorgil

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    If you are ever around eastern washington. You can find me on the Grande Ronde or Clearwater every sunday!