Sugar Pop - April Vokey

Discussion in 'Fly Tying Step by Step / Video' started by Ed Call, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Constructeur posted this in the SBS requests...

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  2. Nice find Ed. Never seen her tie before...she is very meticulous.
  3. Thank Constructeur, he probably has her entire collection!
  4. Ah, guys... I was distracted... did she split the thread for whatever the devil she is tying... nevermind... I guess it doesn't matter. That's the first step by step fly tying video I've ever seen that includes more shots of the fly tyer than the fly. Ah, what was she tying again? I have no clue... nor even care.
  5. She made dubbing loops. Did not split thread. Used nail clippers,for everything except cutting the fox and rhea. 15 minutes if distraction?
  6. She is one of my fly clubs guest speakers this year. As I am the barkeep for the club, I guess it falls on me to keep anyone from having to many and making a fool of themselves. I'm thinking kool-aid and coffee.
  7. You have good bouncer presence. But good luck with that. Who you bringing as your guest?
  8. You can come.

    For the cost of a yearly membership and monthly dues. In advance please.:)
  9. Vicious!
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  10. Good Canadian Lady, I met her when she first got interested in fly fishing, she was coming to the Semiamhoo Fish and Game club in South Surrey to the fly tying nights foe a while. She is tying a intruder style of steelhead fly, tied on a tube.
  11. Funny how she doesn't talk too much about the actual fly being tied. I don't think those guys standing around cared too much!
  12. hehe jungle cock, thats what she said
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