Suggestions for a reel to match my 6-weight?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by weiliwen, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. weiliwen

    weiliwen Active Member

    I had a very frustrating day on the water with my Sage combo, and am ready to try another reel. I have an old (maybe 1994-95?) Sage Graphite II Discovery rod, 9 ft, 6 weight, that came with a Sage 106M reel. I hate that reel, sorry to say. The click is deafening, and my drag doesn't seem to work, so it's like a rimfly reel. Time for an upgrade on the reel. I am looking for something that matches the Sage DS, weight-wise, and hopefully below $150. BTW, I am not in a great hurry to get this, so I have time to shop, research, etc. I'll probably keep my eye on the classified section for the right reel.

    Any suggestions?
  2. stilly stalker

    stilly stalker Tuna sniffer

    Check out Allen reels- for thst price point you'll be well served by Allen
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  3. FFK

    FFK Member

    I 2nd allen reels.I just received my allen trout 2 last week and it's phenomenal.
  4. kmac

    kmac Active Member

    If you're interested in somewhat older reels with standard size arbor, but good drag, durable and reliable design, check out Teton reels and Scientific Anglers System 2 reels. Both can be found on eBay for less than $100. I have them in size 4 through 7 at and have been very pleased. The Tetons fetch somewhat higher prices, but they also made a less expensive reel called the Tioga which was not as pretty, but anodized aluminum and same drag as the Teton. For new 6wt and higher I second the recommendations for Allen reels.
  5. weiliwen

    weiliwen Active Member

    Thanks for the good advice. At this point, I'm not sure whether to go with a less expensive new one or wait for an older used one that's perhaps a higher end reel. 6 weight is getting to the point where a drag comes in handy. I won't likely be using this rod and reel for the rest of the year (I'm in Chicago and the pond bass I fish for can be caught on a 4-5 weight no problem), so I have some time to ponder it.
  6. stilly stalker

    stilly stalker Tuna sniffer

    I have an Allen Kraken 2 for my 6 wt
    Sealed drag, smooth, saltwater worthy
  7. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    I like the 106M...but try a ross cimarron or gunnison 3. That rod was meant to have a simple reel with an ounce of beef on it and those two fit the bell. I prefer the Cimarron 3. 3.5" diameter. balance rod well. But as you know there are many out there ...and many will work. You can get a decent to new ross cimarron for 100.00 plus minus 10.00 off ebay...they are for sale often on ebay. Sweet simple reel with decent drag.
  8. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

  9. weiliwen

    weiliwen Active Member

    Thanks, folks. Porter, I know many like that reel, but it's SO LOUD! I haven't found a way to make it quiet without removing the pawls, which then makes the drag more or less non-functional. Using it this weekend, I was embarrassed to pull line out, because the sound rang out across the lake.

    Well, now I have a wide range of newer and older reels, so the next step is to find some fly shops that have some of these so I can hold them in my hands. I'll probably have a new (to me) reel by Christmas.
  10. Fat Lady

    Fat Lady Member

    I second the Teton. Solid reel that will stop a train. You should be able to pick up an older one for under $100. Most of my reels are Teton or Lamson.
  11. chewydog

    chewydog Active Member

  12. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Think about the noise it makes when you have a nice sized fish on and he's pulling out line. That scream is what every fisherman dreams of.
  13. Beachmen

    Beachmen Active Member

    i am on love with Sage's new 2200 line of reels. i actually like them more then my lampson. and they are very in expensive
  14. Brian White

    Brian White Recovering Bugmeister

    For what it is worth I have a Ross CLA 3 on sale in the classifieds....

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