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  1. Okay, since it seems we are all in the grips of winter and longing for some memories of warmer weather and fishable water I will post some pics from a hike in we did this August.

    In the spirit of not naming bodies of water, I will tell you this is on the dry side of the state, trailhead is at about 5000' and the lake is above 7000'. Needless to say a robust hike for us out shape dudes to go catch a bunch of little cutties. But it was lot's of fun, and next time I will do a little more training before attempting the hike.

    I tried to teach my nephew how to throw a fly around, but I think he's not quite ready for that experience. But he had a good time with his spinning rod.

    Jim Jones

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  2. Nice -thanks for posting. I just bought a new ultralight tent for next summer. My old tent was just too heavy and the older I get, the more weight is really starting to matter... Oh, and the fact that now I have to carry my kids extra stuff. Well, in 5-10 years I'll have them carry all MY stuff :)
  3. Ha Ha... just keep telling yourself that Chad. ;)

    My kids think I am crazy when I tell them that I am hiking in to fish, much less get them to carry any gear.

  4. Well, my 6yr old hiked up to stewart lake with me this summer (Leavenworth \ Enchantments area) and carried his own small pack. So I'm off to a good start :)
  5. What kinda tent did you buy?

    I met a guy in a wet side alpine lake a couple years back whose German shorthair carried in the guy's float tube, waders and fins. Made quite an impression on me, so I got my dog a pack last fall and we've been doing practice hikes with him carrying up to 18 pounds. This summer's plan is to have him carry the floatation gear while I lug the shelter, sleeping and cooking stuff.

  6. I traded in my cabela's waders that were leaking for their XPG Ultralight Tent: matchall&Nty=1&Ntt=xpg tent&noImage=0

    I did the dog hiking thing for many years. I had a 130lb rottie that wore a harness that I hooked to my belt. He'd pull me up hills like nothing. He also wore a pack we got at REI with extra gear and food in it. In the winter, I'd hook the harness up to our sled and load up the sled with gear. He loved it.
  7. Nice pics. Just the other day I started looking through my hiking books and creating a list of destinations for the summer.
  8. I'm pretty sure I recognize this lake! I took a horseback trip up their last summer in late july. We had to hike the last 2 miles or so though because of the steep rocky terrain. If this sounds familiar did you fish the creeks down below the lake? I didnt bring a pole up with me :(
  9. That sounds right Bengal. Next time bring a light 3 or 4 wt. and have a blast! We didn't fish the creek though, it's pretty skinny water.

    Jim Jones
  10. ya your right about that creek but when we were up there you could see little cutties about 8"ers swimming all over the place. I also saw the biggest black bear track I've ever seen in washington down below in the basin. Did you happen to take a camera with ya and get some picture of the Horry(sp?) Marmots down in the basin? Pretty sweet place
  11. When you are talking about the basin are you referring to the area around the old cabin? Or further down the trail? Or in the rock fall that surrounds the lake?

    I would have loved to see hoary marmots, but weren't aware that they were there.


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