Summer Run Swap Patterns

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Rob Blomquist, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. I just packed up 12 of the nicest summer run patterns I have seen. They will be mailed to the swappers tomorrow. As I said initially, I will post the patterns here, and I hope the others in the swap that did not send pattern recipes will post them here:

    Tight Loops:
    Silver & Brown by R. Haig-Brown
    Tail: Indian Crow (imitation)
    Body: Silver Tinsel
    Collar: Golden Pheasant rump
    Underwing: Orange calf tail
    Overwing: Golden Pheasant tail fibers

    Tail: Grizzly Hen fibers
    Body: Burlap threads twisted together and wrapped
    Collar: Grizzly Hen Hackle

    Night Train
    Slash (a Grease Liner variant)

    Egg Sucking Leech
    Water Witch

    Polar Shrimp
    Moab Avenger

    Purple Job?
    Mack's Canyon

    Coal Car
    Tag: Orange Wool
    Tail: black Hackle Fibers
    Body: 1/3 Flame Wool- 2/3 Black "Brite Blend" Dubbing
    Wing: Black Squirrel Tail
    Collar: Black Hackle

    Spawning Purple:
    Tag: Flat Silver Tinsel
    Body: Hot Orange Floss over silver tinsel
    Wing: 4 Purple Marabou Tips, tied staggered
    Back Collar: Purple Saddle Hackle
    Front Collar: 2-3 turns guinea dyed Orange
  2. Sorry about the picture quality. I'll play with my camera a bit more after I make a mount for it at the bench. Next time hopefully they'll be better quality.

    The flies are on the way back Tight Loops.


  3. Picture quality was fine for me, Chris! Thanks much for getting them up there!

  4. Tight Loops,

    Those are some beautiful flies. Wish I had some to share but just getting into summer fishing.

    Thanks for sharing.


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