summer runs. What flies should I buy

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by bankwalker, Apr 17, 2014.

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  2. Never mind. Apparently your not new to fly fishing so you shouldnt need any help.
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  3. CLO....I'm hardly new to fly fishing. If you can pull up stuff from piscatorial pursuits then you can also pull up stuff from this very website. Which I've been a member of since 2007.....I stopped fly fishing in 2010. Getting back into it now.

    nice try buddy
  4. For summer runs I would carry at least 3 differant sizes of any pattern. Buy them in size 2-6. Tied both full dress and low water style.
    Keep Swinging!!!!!!
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  5. Then you must be familiar with the search function of this website in the upper right corner.
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  6. A Skunk, a Thor and a Muddler
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  7. Pat Stones in sizes 6-10, orange cone head nymph patterns in 6-10, nymphs in 6-12 tied with blue, I also use hares ears, prince nymphs, Amato Nymphs, and yes, I will throw glow but patterns as well, but to be honest with you I've certainly found where beads/egg patterns do not work as well as nymphs, more often than not to be honest.

    I will also nymph big swing patterns that fish will take dead drifted or swung at the end of an indicator drift. One of my personal keys is to continue to switch up patterns if I know fish are present. I think most of my success comes from making sure I fish where there are actually fish to be caught.
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  8. BHGRHE.
  9. I do not know what is more sad. The fact that I did not know what that meant or that I actually spent time on google figuring it out.
  10. Olive-brown-orange-black sculpins.
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  11. Danielocean, your noob is showing...
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  12. Yellow flies are the best for summer runs
  13. Something dark, something light, something that skates...
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. An Inland Skunk , a Lady Caroline , and something/anything that skates .
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  16. Danielocean...

    re: pic

    Hookin' Ain't Easy!!
  17. yarn and beads dead serious
  18. No summer run box is complete without a couple muddlers. I tie mine really sparse and buggy. Muted orange dubbing body with a tiny tiny bit of twinkle to it. And natural deer hair spun pretty loosely. I tie mine on a tiemco wide gap bass hook size 12 I believe. Hitch it on the surface and enjoy what makes summer runs in warm clear flows special. Fishing in this way will teach you a lot about casting angles, tension and presentation that translates well for better sink tip fishing in the future. Can't wait.
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