Summer Steel Swap (with extras!)

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Nick Riggs, May 15, 2008.

  1. It's about time someone held a summer steel swap:ray1:. So, 10 tyers, deadline June 16th. I'll be tying Tim Coleman's "The Mover" (photo in my gallery). To sweeten the pot and get some interest in this one, here's some incentives:

    1- A little something for the first person to sign up, - Clinched by Obiwankanobi ptyd
    2- ...a little something for the first person to get their flies to me, Secured by - Hogwrangler ptyd
    3- ...and a bigger something for the person who ties the "Best of Show" pattern


    I know you'll all enjoy the extras I have in mind, but it'll have to remain a surprise until the end of the swap.

    1. Nick Riggs - "The Mover"----------------------------DONE
    2. Obiwankanobi - "Spey Most Likely"-------------------DONE
    3. Brian Thomas - "Bob York`s Kispiox Bright"------------DONE
    4. Steve S. - "Not Sure"-------------------------------DONE
    5. speyflyfisher - "Jock-O-Dee"-------------------------DONE
    6. Christian Brewer - "Bennett's Halo"-------------------DONE
    7. Hogwrangler - "A small green-butt skunk variation"----DONE
    8. Marty - "Not Sure"----------------------------------DONE
    9. RDL - "TBD"-----------------------------------------DONE
    10. Monkey Salad - "Fudgedragon"----------------------DONE
    11. Eric Tarcha - "Muddler"----------------------------DONE
    12. Diehard - "Something less traditional"---------------DONE
  2. Count me in!! Not sure what it will be, but a spey most likely!!
  3. Excellent! The first prize has been claimed. Come on guys, there's still plenty of room!
  4. I`m in , if you don`t mind a Canuck joining in .
    Pattern T.B.D
  5. I'm in, not sure what I'll tie yet.

  6. Count me in with some sort of spey like fly

  7. Count me in!!!

    I think I'll tie Bennett's Halo...which is just a fish catching machine of a fly.

  8. Yes please, not sure what I will tie
  9. Probably going to tie a Walt Johnson pattern, green but skunk, or orange heron.
  10. I'll take a spot, Pattern TBD please
  11. I'll be tying a Fudgedragon, which is a brownish spey, thats all I am gonna say about it.
  12. if you are still adding, I would like to join...Pattern TBD
  13. I'll join, I'm not sure which fly yet though. It might be something less traditional if that is ok with you guys.
  14. Alright, I sent out a PM with my address to everyone, if you didn't get one for some reason, let me know. Looks like it's going to be a sweet swap!
  15. Looks like it'll be a great swap. Will you be sending out headbands?
  16. Nick, I just got the Saracione reel that you sent me for the entry prize and I can't wait to get this spooled!!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  17. Steve S, you are an excellent guesser. I was actually planning on sending everyone that signed up a headband:thumb:. Seriously.

    Hahahaha, yeah right! I said a little something.
  18. Can we say hook, line, and sinker I got caught by the great obiwan:D
  19. Made up my mind, I'm Gonna do a small green butt skunk variation.
  20. I got Hogwrangler's flies yesterday, so prize #2 is no longer up for grabs. They are beauties!

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