Summer Steel Swap (with extras!)

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Nick Riggs, May 15, 2008.

  1. Flies will be in the mail in the morning, here is what they are made of-
    Hook- TMC 7999 sz. 2
    Tip- X-Small Gold Oval Tinsel
    Tag- Hot Orange Floss
    Tail- GP Tippets
    Body- 3 Colors of Dubbing: Cream, Ginger, Brown
    Rib- Medium Silver Oval over Gold Mylar
    Body Hackle- Natural Pheasant Rump
    Collar- Teal
    Wing- Hungarian Partridge
  2. Monkey Salad, I got your flies today. Damn dude, these are sweet!
  3. Nick,

    Sending out my flies tomorrow or the next day. Size 2 ET Muddlers.

    Hook- TMC 700 sz. 2
    Tail- wood duck flank
    Body- black steelhead glimmer body
    Rib- small Gold Mylar
    Collar/head- spun and trimmed deerhair

  4. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow as well.

    12 pieces of fine oval tinsel
    12 pieces of flat silver tinsel
    12 pieces of 3strand silver twist
    24 red weaver bird feathers
    12 strips of yellow floss
    12 strips of black floss
    12 blue ear pheasant rump
    12 hooded merganser flank
    240 fibers of turkey tail

    all divided on to 12 AJ # 3 spey hooks

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  5. YES!!! those look great speyflyfisher!! What book is that they are displayed on?
  6. HogWrangler- The book is Mike Radencich, Tying the Classic Salmon Fly.

  7. I had a vice blowout last weekend so a new cam is on order. I might be one week overdue on this one.
  8. No problem Obiwan, I've seen your ties and they are worth the wait! For those of you mailing out your flies - Speyflyfisher pointed out to me that I didn't include my zip code, it's 98125.
  9. I'm still working on mine, but I'll get them out on time. I'm excited to see what everyone has come up with.
  10. I finally decided which pattern I`m tying .

    I went with a variation of Bob York`s Kispiox Bright .

    Hook ; Partridge Salar Gold #3
    Tag ; Silver Holographic Tinsel
    Tail ; Golden Pheasant Tippets dyed red
    Body ; Purple Dazzle Dub
    Rib ; Large oval silver tinsel
    Hackle ; Orange saddle
    Wing ; White goat body hair , with a few strands of yellow pb as a topping
    Thread ; Purple Uni

    They`ll be ready for shipment on Monday .
  11. I'm running behind. I ran out of GP tippet, hopefully I can make it to the shop tomorrow and get them in the mail in time.
  12. No problem, Obiwan looks like he's going to be a bit late on this one as well, so there's currently no rush. Speyflyfisher, I got your flies and they are fantastico!
  13. My flies went in the mail today . Hopefully , they won`t take too long to cross the border .
  14. I just got an additional two boxes of GREAT looking flies and my swap board is filling up! Eric's ET Muddlers and Christian's Bennett's Halos have arrived, both awesome ties! I am looking forward to getting all the flies, but there's no rush.
  15. Mine went in the mail today, I would think you will see them Monday.

  16. Flies are finally in the mail. I'm sorry for the delay.

  17. Mine too and I am also sorry for the delay. I only tied 11 and there is a little extra for the swap master.
  18. I got RDL's and Steve S's Flies yesterday so there's only three spots left until I can get these bad boys back out to you guys!
  19. Mine are in the mail. I tied 12 and put in another extra that is slightly different for you Nick.
  20. Alright, here's how I'm going to determine the "best of show" pattern - I'll choose three finalists and then it's going to be put to a popular decision via a poll on the main forum. All three finalists will get something, but the winner gets all the marbles.

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