Summer Steelhead Counts at Bonneville

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by BDD, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Anybody else notice how low they are?

    Anybody starting to worry that the eastside steelhead fisheries may not be what they have been over the past few years?

    Gotta admit, I'm a little bummed but numbers can turn around in a hurry. The eternal optimism of a steelhead fisher! Without optimism, there would be dang few steelhead anglers.
  2. Noticed it to, but it looks like the other runs are slow in coming. Wonder if its the high water volume coming down this year is making them hold off.
  3. too early to be worried about it. july 2009 was lower but than the counts exploded in august.
  4. Most everything seems to be running behind this year... I still have Rodie's blooming that should of been over with 3 weeks age. The only thing not running late is the pinks. Thats probably because there so many of them the have to get out of each others way.
  5. Just had this thread over on the spey forum. We really need temps to heat up on the coast.
  6. The good news is BC is expecting RECORD RECORD RECORD numbers of fish this year. Pack the truck and head north this fall. No fish to catch in the Columbia tribs this year.

    We are well over-due for a poor run year anyway. But somehow I truly doubt this year will be poor. Down? Sure and hopefully the hype with it. It may even get so bad this year the fish numbers will drop down to the 'low levels' of the mid 80's. Which were the best dammed returns until the 00's. Now every year is better than the previous peak 25'ish years back.

    Then again keep that truck packed and head north to all wild fish. TROPHY wild fish for peanuts per day for access fees. RECORD numbers of TROPHY WILD STEELHEAD this fall in BC. Better scenery and all wild steelhead. Big steelhead. BIG BIG BIG steelhead. Just show up you won't be able to keep the 20#'rs off your line. :)
  7. Inland, you running a guide service or something?! That's some heavy sellin' there. BC steel is on my list, as is a lot of other things, and they will all likely take a while to get to. I still haven't fished the eastside for steel! Sheesh!
  8. Don't head east. Too many rattle snakes anyway. If there isn't at least 700,000 steelhead over Bonnie by July 1 the year is going to be a BUST. BUST BUST BUST. Besides 95% of the steelhead in the Columbia basin east side summer run are SMALL. BC for BIG. USA for SMALL.
  9. My problem with BC (and Minnesota for that matter) is the Canadians :)
  10. i think inland lives on the wenatchee...LOL!
  11. Actually, he lives near the Clearwater. I live in Wenatchee and absolutely believe everything that he said. I'm headed north this fall.
  12. hmmmmmmm, I wonder if some reverse psychology is in play here. Go north? Go east? Which way should I go?
  13. I'm following the crowd, see ya on the skagit for slimers
  14. For me that would be going west. Not going to go west.
  15. Whether the fish are late or end up coming in way under average...those that have fished through leaner times should understand that three times the number over the dams does not mean three times the hook ups. If the fishing pressure reduces at a similar clip with the declining dam counts things pretty much equal out. If the fishing pressure does not dip, and we get a run like 1998 there will be a lot of unhappy people this fall. The guys that know the rivers will do just fine. The guys that need to catch a bunch of fish may have a frown. This is where northern BC comes in.

    As for the remains the most accessable valhalla in anadromous angling. All wild steelhead on wild rivers in a semi wild land. With some giant wild steelhead for those who wish to try. A must do experience for any steelhead fly angler. With the AMP pretty much being shelved/delayed we 'mericans should take advantage of the opportunities those rivers provide before we are severely limited, even shut out completely. The clock is ticking...
  16. Word.
  17. Pan, thanks for the info to the similar thread...I missed it.

    Inland, I plan to go north regardless of any numbers down here or any predictions up north. That is an annual must. However, regarding total numbers most times the Snake dwarfs the Skeena in adult steelhead returns but still I point the vehicle north. And it is not necessarily the fish size but the total experience.

    Still, I hope for a good showing down here to keep me entertained the rest of the time I'm not north and that hopefully wild fish can be recovered in time to be de-listed.

    And finally, this is a great quote but I've found folks from BC anyway to be pretty good dudes.

  18. They have really taken off. Must have been all the high water holding them back.
  19. Anyone know water temps above Bonneville?

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