Summer Steelhead Counts at Bonneville

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by BDD, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. docstash

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    Counts over Bonneville are looking better today only 80,000 behind last year and 26,000 behind the 10 year average. The Ratio behind is getting better so they may be a bit late.

  2. ak_powder_monkey

    ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

    only 8 months till I'm back here

    until then anyone know where I can find a job close to steelhead?
  3. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    ........the Costco near the Portland airport maybe?
    (sorry, I have a sick sense of humor)
  4. kamishak steve

    kamishak steve Active Member

    inland, what is with pumping the skeena?? do you own the tavern in terrace? cool it, dude...
  5. Andrew Lawrence

    Andrew Lawrence Active Member

    ummmm.... ummm... Nice fish!
  6. ak_powder_monkey

    ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

    thanks, I guess what I'm saying is that steelhead 11 months a year, whatever the numbers is sweeter than steelhead for 2 or 3 weeks a year!
  7. ak_powder_monkey

    ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

    I think his message was "hey everybody look over there!" while quietly going fishing!
  8. Panhandle

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    Dont hijack the thread with BS powdermonkey. We've all seen your fish.....its cool, man.
  9. inland

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    Please re-boot your sarcasm meter. Just having a go to wind a few up. If this little thread starts a mass exodus from Snake River tribs to Skeena & tribs...geebus WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS TEN YEARS AGO?
  10. David Dalan

    David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

    Yes..historic low runs coming. Bad angling on this side of the state. BC does sound like a better option for all of you.
  11. ak_powder_monkey

    ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

    sorry I have an itch that isn't gonna be scratched for at least a month and a half and its eating me inside
  12. Sean Beauchamp

    Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

    Take some penicillin.
  13. JS

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    Haha, I have had the black steelie syph too. I get to scratch it tomorrow though.....muhahaha.