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  1. dum dum dum.. i hate waiting to get home, i know that i have flies in the mailbox.

  2. well I hope that someone else is as lazy as me, cause I might feel bad if you are all waiting on me.
    I have only tied 3 stimulators and now I need to go get more hooks and hackle. I'll get them done by this weekend though.
  3. poo, it wont let me edit anymore..

    flies received from: the complete list

    Flip - BH ghouls
    Ron Eagle Elk - souix sunrise
    New River Mike - Kalama Special
    fly15 - Low water green-butt skunk
    joe smolt - undertaker
    boblawless - muddlers
  4. New River Mike

    Sorry about the misspelling. I'm recalling that I had it as Becker, but those padded envelopes are easy to puncture with a ballpoint and possibly I just didn't push hard enough at the bottom of the "B".
    Glad they arrived in good shape, though...

  5. i did notice a puncture mark, maybe thats it. they are beautyfully tied, cant wait for everyone to see them. btw thanks both Newrivermike and REE for helping with shipping

  6. DONE!!! My flies are going in the mail tomorrow.

    Man, production tying is not my thing. I mostly make two versions of one pattern and move on to something new. Thirteen of one pattern feels like work! However, looking at a box full of spartley steelhead bees is mighty fine. Hope everyone likes them, I know the steelhead will come this summer.

    Terry D.
  7. 13? the number was 14 terry! looks like its back to the vise? i know what you mean, i cant stand tying a bunch of the same fly, but boy, you put them all in a box and it looks cool. see those flyshows that have a table with 700,000 size 22 dryflys on it.. i want to know how the blazes people can stand to tie those damn things. you will be the first of the dry flys in this swap, andy, who is doing the big stimmy, probably wont be done till the weekend. look forward to seeing them

  8. Flip:

    The number is really 13, if you don't put the originators fly in his collection. This struck me when I mailed mine off. 13 participants + originator. I sent 15 just in case intending to send one extra. Do what you wish with the extras. Also. I included $2 for shipping too. Hope you received it.

    Joe Smolt
  9. i guess so, you can send 13 if you dont want one back, and yes, i received your flys, and thank you for helping with shipping. i think i will give the extra one to flydreamin, hes a good flyfishing buddy of mine who didnt get to do the swap, but oh well. they are sweet looking flys, yaknow that?


    everybodys flies that i have seen so far look like they took the time to create a high quality fly, thanks for doing this guys.
  10. Sent my bugs out on Saturday, I think. They are a variation (what isn't?)on a muddler minnow and have a long maroon/brown maraboo tail that swims well when you drag it on top in back of rocks and white water. Very effective fly, even for brown trout.
    Bob, the Now I will need a special box for my summer run flies.:rolleyes
  11. Flip let me know when you receive mine and out of curiousity, who have you received flies from so far?
  12. off the top of my head:

    Flip - BH ghouls
    Ron Eagle Elk - souix sunrise
    New River Mike - Kalama Special
    fly15 - Low water green-butt skunk
    joe smolt - undertaker
    boblawless - muddlers

    i should get some in the mail today i would think.

  13. Teeny nymphs are in the mail today

  14. Mine will be in the mail by thursday...
  15. Just put some flies in the mail today - should
    be there soon.:thumb
  16. did you get all the flies yet? did mine even show up yet?
  18. flies i have:

    cant remember tyers, but i think i can get the flys

    cummings special
    low water skunks
    souix sunrise
    teeny nymphs
    kalama special
    sharp steelie
    steelhead bee

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