Summer Steelhead Guides?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Salmon fisher, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Hi everybody. I'm planning a trip out to the Olympic Peninsula this summer for some steelhead. I am looking for a guide and was wondering if anybody has any recomendations (I searched, but all that turned up was guides for winter/spring fish, and I don't know who hangs around for the summer out there). I would definately prefer to swing. Also, what's the best timing for these fish?

  2. Peter,

    The OP rivers in the Quileyuette system (Sol Duc, Bogaciel, Calawah) all tend to get really low in the summer since they're not really too influenced by snowmelt. The hoh has water all summer, and it gets a fair number of summer fish straying from the Calawah and Bogey. Its the river I would recommend, as the others are basically terminal fisheries. I think Jim Kerr guides out there during the summer, although his plans may be different this year, also, J.D. Love is someone to contact, they both have websites. While all rivers will be conducive to the swing, the hoh will likely require a sinktip as summer time visibility tends to be down around 2 feet or so depending on the temperatures. Also, the fish are pretty much all hatchery fish and the best fishing is early in June when there is still a fair amount of water in the rivers.

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  3. A good peninsula resource is Waters West (Dave Steinbaugh) in Port Angeles. He can make suggestions for productive trips and guides.

  4. Jim Kerr is the best, outstanding guy and fishy as hell. you will have a blast.

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