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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Panhandle, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I need every excuse in the world to head west and swing for summers. Events act as hall passes, because my wife deviates them from my ordinary requests.:D That being said... is anyone interested in having a summer steelhead Rondi? I don't care where: SW or NW Washington. The trout bums have burning pram, so....
  2. umm, sorry, I would love to make it to a SUMMER STEEL rondi, but I am no steelhead fisherman, plus I will be living in MT... So that pretty seals the deal.

    We could do a summer TROUT rondi somewhere in montana for a couple days... Enough of us go over there that we could probably work it out. Anybody else?
  3. I would say if you want summer steel, go to SW Washington. It seems there are more hatchery runs and less pressure there. NW Washington is where I fish 95% of the time and in the summer there are few days where the conditions are right. I only say this as the treck sounds like a long one for you and who knows it could be perfect the moment you leave and flooding when you get here. Don't believe the hype in magazines, it ain't very easy to catch steelhead here unless it is that GOLDEN day where the conditions are perfect and the timing is right. I usually catch my fish on the drop of the dime as I check the river levels and the weather online about 4 times a day and can get off work if I REALLY want to. I just make sure I get out there during those perfect days. That is at the most 5 days out of a given season. You can always catch fish of course, it is just nowhere near the numbers I hear coming out of SW Washington all the time.

    Anyone with more SW Washington expertise want to way in?
  4. Mid to late July on the Cowlitz, Toutle, Kalama, NF & EF Lewis should provide ample opportunity for a successful outing and trip.
  5. the waters are great down here right now, but all is closed for a while. And there are definitely some steelies down here. Nice run this year. hatchery and natives.
  6. Dan, I'm so sick of trout I could scream, and trout season just started.:beathead:
  7. I would probably shoot for the Portland area....... Kalama, Lewis, Sandy, Clackamas. A little further East puts you on the Deschutes (OR), or Klickitat (WA). That gives you a lot of options to consider depending on freezing levels and precipitation.

  8. "Burning pram?" Are you allowed to mention that on this forum?
  9. LOL!!! I know exactly what you mean. Grew up in Bellingham, fished steelhead like crazy throughout early life, read all the classic books, fell in love with the Stille and Skagit, graduated high school and moved to Bozeman for two years.

    At the end of those two years ALL I could think about was steelhead. Started chasing huge browns, caught all the way up to an 8 pounder on the Madison, didn't clear my mind of steelhead. I went to the Clearwater for some steelhead, but just not the same and still feeling seriously deprived of steelhead.

    Ultimately I moved back to Bellingham for my home and some CHROME. Haven't thought seriously about going to Montana or trout fishing since and that was 7 ears ago.

    I'll stick with steelhead and bass. Call me crazy; Jekyll & Hyde. :D
  10. I gotta agree, I dont get why dan is so stoked on trout??? 15 inchers one after the other....bla bla bla...GIMME SOME CHROME!
  11. if its on the west end, i'm in. pdx area, i'm out.
  12. trout are great guys come on. The way I look at it, trout are a nice way to build confidence after a long season of winter steelhead fishing. just gotta catch a fish. That being said, 95% of my time and money goes into chasing steelhead nowadays. Zen you gotta come get beat up by some fresh run coastal chrome. I've got 5 bucks saying you'd become a hermit, never again speak except in muted mumbles and become attached at the wrist to a 14' spey rod.
  13. Although it is good to see that others feel the same way as I do about steelhead.....I fear that once this thread is discovered by a true trout purist, it is going to catch on fire. So let me say this: All steelhead and trout bums smell the same so we should be able to get along just fine. :beer2:
  14. I WANT SUMMER STEEL!!!! I have never caught a summer steelie and would LOVE for somone to show me the ropes and teach me some new tricks! Lets try and get this thing together!!!!!! I know Skeels would be down to go too! Let me know!!!
  15. When are you talking ??
  16. I'd be up for the Klick or other SW Washington water. I grew up in Portland, so I'd prefer new water. Suprisingly, I haven't fished a bunch of thise SW rivers. Junes a good time.
  17. Panhandle,

    June's probably a very poor time for the Klickitat; it'll be high and turbid with spring runoff. Late Sept. and Oct the glaciers begin to cool, and the Klick begins to clear, and the steelheading is prime. June is probably the best month on the EF Lewis, as it has no snow pack and becomes real low in July. July is the peak return summer run month for most SW WA rivers that have flow holding up throughout the summer. June is best only on those that practically dry up in July and August. The Kalama is good in July and August, as is the Cowlitz and NF Lewis (which doesn't seem to be much of a fly stream).

    Strategically, you'd probably do best to pick your preferred time, and then hit a river that peaks at that time.


    Salmo g.
  18. Thanks for the info. May and June have always been best months for Willamette skamanias.
  19. You guys make me doubt fishing for steelies is such a good thing. If that spoils trout for me, then ignorance is bliss.

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