Summer Steelhead Swap 2013

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Cameron Derbyshire, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Anyone up for a summer steelhead swap? We're getting closer and closer to the first appearance of the summer runs. Flies should arrive by June 15. Looking for about a dozen swappers. Your choice of pattern.

    1. me - Cummings Special (done)
    2. David Dalan - Swinger & Gold BH Prince (received)
    3. BjornJon (received)
    4. Ctcooney - Ferry Canyon
    5. Brian Thomas - Kispiox Bright (received)
    6. Chris Johnson (received)
    7. Spring Cr (received)
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  2. I'm all over this like stink on shit. I'll even do two. Swinger (TBD) and a bead headed bug (Gold BH Prince).
  3. I'll partake. I've got a couple good summer swingers to tie up.
  4. Seriously, no more steelfly takers? I hope you all develop an allergy to peacock feathers. :mad:
  5. I`m a bit hesitant to join because the flies I sent for the last two swaps I was in took a loooong time to arrive at the destination .
    If the due date was pushed back a bit , I`m in .
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  6. I"m (relatively) new to the forum but I'd love to get into this swap. Not sure how it works, but if folks are into it I'd like to contribute some Ferry Canyons.
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  7. Ok, count me in.
  8. I can`t read . Apparently .
    I thought Cameron said the due date was May 15th .
    June 15th gives plenty of time .
    I`m in , and will tie a Kispiox Bright (variation) .
  9. Count me in.
  10. Let's give it one more week, then close it. I know it's a small group, but I take it interested/enthusiastic group. Once it closes I'll pm swappers with my address. I'll take photos and post them in our respective gallery.
  11. Cool .
    Are you guys ok with pb ?
  12. What is "Pb"?
  13. Polar bear .
    Legal to buy here in Canada , so I assume it would be legal to fish in the U.S , but I`m not 100% sure .
  14. Oh, right. Should've known that.
  15. Mailing PB over the border is not an issue on your end, but I am pretty sure that those in the US receiving it will run afoul of Federal Law. I am not 100% certain, but with the listing of the bear in 2008, I think it's best to avoid shipping PB to the US.

    Anyone else know better? I could be wrong, but I'd like to err on the side of caution...don't ship me any PB.

  16. Any PB not documented as pre 1973 is illegal to own in the US. The recipient and sender will both run afoul of International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears

  17. Ok , fair enough . I don`t want to see anybody get in any kind of trouble .
  18. No worries :)
  19. I should have mine done this weekend. I'm in the middle of a tying binge and I'm fishing local for the holiday.
  20. Swing 'em, dead drift 'em, nymph 'em. Dealers choice.

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