Summer Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Mark Bové, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Do we need a name to send these to?
  2. Sorry the name is
    Mark T Bove
    3709 S Conklin RD
    Greenacres Washington 99016
  3. Mine are done and will be mailed tomorrow. Picture posted here and in my gallery. Daryle, I'm on break from school and the rivers down here in the Eugene area are out of shape? What else is a guy to do but join three swaps and get a bunch of tying done?

  4. Mark, Mine are done and on the way along with some different colors for you. Thanks for including me. Included a pic here of the "Rung Neck Spey" in a size 2. Sorry about the banana trees in the background. Bill
  5. Gorgeous fly man. Cant wait to see everyone elses.:beer2:
  6. sending mine today, although they arent nearly as nice as those two...
  7. I'm a little over half way there. Need to pick up some supplies, but should be done by the middle of next week. Speykid, what's the price on those C&F boxes? I may be interested.

  8. I have some materials coming in the mail, you said Feb. 20th right?

  9. Febuary 20th is correct and the boxes are more exspensive thatn I thought. I can get some sort of a box if anyone wants one.
  10. CAmeron Just got the flies today and they are fuckin awesome!!! I love the wing it will look awesome in the water. i am sure we will get a few fish on those bugs!!
  11. Any sign of my flies? they're in the mail.
  12. I just got salt Spey and Cascadekiller flies in yesturday. They look perfect guys and I love your spey pattern Salt Spey, i will send out a few of my favs in exchange of your generosity. My flies are done. I will be sending out two patterns of my own to everyone. One is a skunk spade, the other is a p-bear hairwing. Happy tieing and good fishing.
  13. Finished mine this weekend, so they'll be in the mail this week.
  14. Mark.
    My flies went in the mail this morning. Let me know when they get to you.
    Thanks for hosting lad,, it's a good lookin swap.
  15. Mark,
    Flies went in the mail today. Should be there on Monday. Threw in an extra for you.

  16. salt spey, what are you doing living in florida and tying SWEET speys like that?! awesome tie though, seriously.
  17. I am most often found perched on the square end of a flats skiff humpin' for tarpon, bones, and permit trying to conjure a way to spend more than a week a year swinging the two-hander for steel while there are still a few to be found, my real angling passion after all these years. God willing, next summer, should you come across a sun-scarred old fart stumbling lost along an OP stream with a long rod and a few somewhat pretty flies,hopefully, that would be me. Be kind if I ask for directions. Thanks for your kind words. Bill
  18. Mark,
    Have you seen my flies yet? Let me know when the arrive.


  19. Havnt seen um yet, but I havent gotten the mail today so let me check it.
  20. Got the flies today Tuna and they look great!

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