Summer Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Mark Bové, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Got my box of flies today, very interesting collection of flies for sure. Thanks to all who participated and especially to Speykid for doing the work of hosting.

  2. Photos are up guys. There were four without toe tags, will the culprits please ID your fly.:p
  3. lovely flies fellas. a pleasure
  4. Great flies all. Thanks speykid. Study hard! Got a few summer steelhead trips planned and this is a great start to the summer box. Well tied by all. Kevin
  5. Will do Nrthcsteel you should totally come by and fish the Clearwater or the Rhonde this October-December and we can use a few of those flies. The same offer goes out to everyone who participated in the swap, I guide GR and fish the CW for fun about 30 days a year, so let me know if you want to fish.
    Thanks to all
  6. I am "unknown #2" That's my Butterfly lads.
    Dwayne Miller
  7. Mine is the first mystery tie...squirrel hairwing w/ a claret body.

  8. tuna I love that used to fish that on the Wenatchee before they closed it?
  9. Kid.
    Got mine today,,, very nice lads, very nice. Thanks for letting me in on this one!!
    Salmon Chaser
  10. Unfortunately, no. I didn't fly fish when the Wenatchee was open, so I've never fished the Wenatchee. I hope to try it there some day in the not too distant future, but the runs need to improve a bit. Glad you like. I've only done two of these swaps, but have been very impressed w/ the quality of tying. Can't wait to try your steelhead caddis.

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