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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jake Bannon, May 21, 2007.

  1. I figured since June 1st is right around the corner and Im gonna try targeting summer runs for my first time with a fly rod, and you guys Im sure have a lot more knowledge on these fish than I do. So I was wondering if you guys could maybe point me in the right direction of choices of some flies. I also have a clear intermediate line and was also wondering if that will do. Any information would be much appreciated, thanks.:)
  2. Pac Steel,
    Northwest steelhead legend Mike Kinney can be found at the Monroe flyshop. I'd be willing to bet every moment on the river with him would be time well spent.
  3. Green butt skunk-what is that smell? that's the smell of summer steel slime on your hands boy!
    various Comet's-good for scrubbing out steelie stains out of the rivers
    Last light-when the BIG girls start to stalk weak weary(or drunk)spey casters
    Freight train-CHOO CHOO(I'll leave this one alone-too easy)
    All will please the steelhead God's

    as for the line if your talkin a full intermediate line-good for lakes-not for rivers,get a floating line and some Poly leaders or a multiple tip's line and go catch some fish.
  4. Interesting! Knew Mike guided, but didn't know he worked (correct?) at a fly shop.
  5. Yep, Fred. Mike works at AATF most Mondays and has been for about a year. The rare exception would be when he accepts a guiding trip on a Monday.

    Mike also fills in for other employees on other days when they take time off. He is a great addition to the AATF team and he cohosts a two-handed casting clinic every Sunday with the rest of the staff at the Ben Howard boat landing on the Sky.
  6. I have caught four in the past week all on a black #4 beadhead leach (wolly bugger).
  7. Those four fish want there dignity back:( bawling: :( bawling: :beathead: :beathead: :confused: :mad:
  8. Ahhh man.....:thumb:

    June 1st is just around the corner!!!
  9. Where are you catching four steelhead in NW Washington before the 1st? I'm not looking for spots, I'm more concerned for the law and fish.
  10. A true steelheader would know how to spell that simple pattern.;)
  11. My guess is one of four places

    1) The Cow
    2) The Cow
    3) The Cow
    4) The Cow

    I too would like to hear, mostly becase the Cow is the only place I've heard of steelies being caught by fly guys. I've heard of some folks getting into them on the Kalama, but they were pulling plugs for springers and I think the steel were a bycatch...
  12. James, Its good to see some of us reads the Regs, I'm not a true steelheader I would much rather catch cutthroat.. Joz
  13. The lower Hoh had opened from I think from oxbow down and the sol duc is open I think, not positive though.
  14. Not to be bothersome but since I am an amature at steelheading with a fly rod may I ask what colors you had the luck on.
    Also would an egg sucking leech made with black rabbit fur work well at all.
  15. Yes. An egg sucking leech dubbed from black cat fur would probably work just as well. And the tail could be straight labrador tail hair.:thumb:

    I don't think the fish care about the fly nearly as much as us fishermen.
  16. For a minute there I thought you were serious.
  17. He is... If you think about it, a common gear fishing summer steel tactic is to drift a small red bead near it. Yet another is to use a "rag", nothing more than a hank of egg yarn tied to the line. In reality, these fish aren't the most intelligent and the simplist of flies/lures will work if just put in front of there faces.

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  18. As James said, I am serious. Some of the flies I've used that have been attacked by a summer fish have been pretty well used, abused, and put away wet a few times.:thumb:
  19. I'm a dry fly guy. Anyone caught summer steel on a dry?
  20. Weeell,
    The Hoh is open for salmon and maybe summer runs depending on how you read the regs. The Sol Duc the same. The Kalama and the Cowlitz, open.
    This is generaly considered a slow time where I am but I've hooked well...lets just say a lot of fish this week. What I am saying I guess is there are plenty of fish in the river already. And like all early season fish they will eat just about anything they can catch.

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