Summer steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Dave Hartman, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    Just out of curiosity, if the attitude of the site bothers you, why further inflame the issue??
  2. Dirk Pitt New Member

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    Well said, Salmo, we can always count on good advice from you. "Expect a lot of sharing, but not so many handouts, if you understand what I mean." Fly fishers can be elitist, and will protect their favorite spots with zeal, but they are lovable in a porcupine sort of way. Bob.
  3. yuhina Tropical member

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    Nice post! James
    You point out the exact and the most important reason ... :beer2:
  4. Coach Duff Banned or Parked

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    Since I was mean, how about the same message in a nice way.

    There are many steelhead rivers out there for you to enjoy. As for flies, lines, techniques, rods, and times of year, some of the greatest steelheaders in the world have input huge amounts of info on this site, and you can access all of it. As for giving out exact stretches of river or spots to fish, this is frowned upon in the steelheading world. One of the most exciting things you can do is to find the fish on your own and land one of these summer run beauties all by yourself. Or you can pay 3- 500 bucks and a guide will show you some spots. There are some amazing guides on this site, and many references can be found here, all good. Good luck to you and may your lines always be tight.

    Best of luck, Coach

    Now, go jump on another site and start trolling for spots, since you figured out the fellas here don't give them out. Even the nice guys. Gear fishing sites are usually much more responsive in handing out GPS coordinates. But since specific water is needed to swing the fly properly and hold fish, holding water is much more sacred in the sport of flyfishing than gear fishing where you can pound them with anything from slinkies to plugs to backbouncing deep holes. If that was too mean, than I don't know what to say, nor do I care. Good luck to ya.
    As for Gearhead, that other site is where you belong, sharing rocks and standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of your buddies.
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    I may be new to the board but not to the game.
    Fished the N. Fork of Stilly today. Yes there is Steelhead in the river
    and conditions are good. Good place to begin, since it is a smaller river
    and the pressure right now is light!. Just make sure you cover plenty of
    water. And remember your fly is swiing by fish.
  6. nick m New Member

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    Forget these guys, I'll give ya the goods.
    The squannacook if fishing alright. streamers in the day and some great evening hatches. park at bertozzi and fish the riffles below the rope swing and then on up.
    the nissitissit is slow and warm, but bows can still be taken.
    Got a few small browns today in nashoba brook behind donelans, but nothing of size.
    if you have the time, head west and fish the swift or the farmington.
    Good Luck!
  7. Dave Hartman is tired of trout

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    Are you giving me the goods on Massachusetts' rivers?
    Funny, I used to fish the Farmington many years ago. But if I were in Mass right now, I'd head straight for the Cape's stripers and fish there until the Red Sox got back to town. Then I'd head to Fenway.

  8. Flyborg Active Member

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    Heh. That's funny.
  9. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    I call on all of Red Sox Nation to help this man out! I have a free fishing day on the day before fathers day. I'll PM you WB.

    Daisuke Today,