Summer Time Tying

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by John Hicks, May 26, 2014.

  1. I sat down to my tying desk today and had a sense of relief. I can put away the flashabou and 2.5" spinner shanks. I can store the size 2/0 salmon hooks. It is time to break out the peacock hurl, size 6 Gami hooks, and 8/0 thread. It is time to start tying summer flies.

    The Cowlitz is starting to come around. Take a look at a couple of the summer patterns I like on this great river. IMG_0154.JPG IMG_0156.JPG IMG_0154.JPG IMG_0156.JPG IMG_0213.jpg IMG_0454.JPG IMG_0482.JPG IMG_0507.JPG
  2. I think even I could hook up using those. Nice.
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  3. John - when you mention spinner shanks - are you tying on single spinner wire?? I've been doing that lately with good results.
    Nice flys BTW!!

  4. Jamie,

    Yes, I use single wire spinner shanks, and .030 wire for the trailer hook.
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  5. Do you do anything different with the eye or tie it like it would be a spinner? I've just been going with the normal, round eye
  6. Beautiful flies John!
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  7. Jamie,
    I don't do anything different with the eye of the shank. I use the thread to close the wire and then I tie the tag ends of the .030 wire through the eye and back. Then I wrap them with thread. This will make so that the wire will not pull free.
  8. Very nice ties!
  9. I've always been of the opinion that if it's good for the Cow, it's good for the Kalama. How do those orange ties work for you? I love the contrast with the guinea, but I don't think I've ever used orange before with my summer/fall hairwings.
  10. Really nice, John. Question: Any luck skating up fish on the Cow? I've had a little luck on the Kalama. Tied up some Darth Skater variations and I'm psyched to try them out.
  11. Thanks for the info
    I was just thinking about up eye, down eye, straight eye - those issues.
    I tie with a tube fly adapter - put the wire where the tube goes.
    I have looped the back of the wire with my spinner tool and used a open eye siwash hook.
    It looks like a spinner backside
  12. I just want to express, in all seriousness, how good I think your ties are. Good job man!
  13. This is just my opinion but, on the picture with all the blue/black ones and one orange/yellow body, I would tie in an orange crystal flash wing just behind the soft hackle for when the sun is directly on the water.
  14. I have not used these much on the Kalama. I think that some research is in order. I come down you and I pick through the box, and pick through the runs. What-ya-think?
  15. Watched a guy hook over a dozen fish in about two hours using a fly similar to that orange and black one. He called his the Kalama tiger and the body was orange and black chenille wrapped together in a striped pattern, orange and black hackle. Granted this was about 30 years ago when there were a lot of fish in the upper river.

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