Summerrun Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by StuFarnham, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Stu,

    Sorry I won't be able to get in on this one. Too many commitments this time of year.

    For those who haven't done a swap with Stu before, he runs a first rate swap. Most of what I know about swapmeistering I learned from being in Stu's swaps and watching what he did.

  2. :hmmm:

    C'mon, folks, we're just one short of full load here -- surely there's one more enterprising fly tier who wants to join...

  3. LOL. I just got off 4 swaps, including a summerrun one. But I guess I'll be game and jump in this one too. LOL. Not sure what I'll tie yet. May do one of my "down and dirty" summerrun patterns. Nothing fancy, but catches fish. But may do one of my summerrun speys. I'll think that over.
  4. Wow, this is a pretty intimidating group.
  5. Don't say those things, you're gonna scare me out of the swap! :D
  6. For the first time i am stumped on what i want to tie. i tie pushing 100 flies a week and i think i am starting to get burned out a little. i have tied 5 different patterns for this swap and everytime i tie one i decide that i don't want to tie that one and so on and so on. i started with a bunny spey, then a thor, then a max canyon, then a mover and now am tying one of my own, but am now having doubts about that one. anybody have any input on what they want. this is driving me crazy.
  7. Not to worry, they are great guys one and all. We just happen to be surrounded by some fantastic dressers of the iron. I'm excited, this is going to be a great swap.

  8. Problem is what to tie. Was thinking about a steelhead muddler. But not sure. I need to stock up my fly boxes actually for summerruns. So may go with the flow, and whatever moves me to keep tying I'll tie up a dozen more.
  9. Well, i guess a boss it is. sorry about the lack of originality but nothing else struck me as any better.
  10. I'm just tying a Skunk, anyone have the dressing recipe?? :rolleyes: . :rofl: :rofl: got the hooks all prepped tonight--attached :hmmm: :hmmm: now what am I really dressing ? :confused:

    Glad you got the call Jerry :thumb: . Jeeez, I was wonderin :beer1:

    Looks like a great group for a swap to me ! :beer2: :cool:

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  11. OK, since I'm just tying on partridge hooks, I've gotta ask. Davy, are those just straight shank hooks with a loop tied onto the top with clear mono? If so, what material do you use for the loop and what do you coat it with to hold it on there?

    wb - still trying to get this whole thing figured out...
  12. silk gut loops....old school!!!!!

  13. I think they are probably dacron loops instead of gut. Gut is too expensive for fishing flys. Blind eye hooks are pretty though, aren't they?
  14. Hmmmm, These are Partridge Salar standard blind eyes, the loop is 30lb dacron backing material ( sorry Scott) ( I don't use silk on many of my fishing flies but prefer loops opposed to eyed hooks.( a swimming thing) I certainly use eyed hooks now and again, don't get me wrong, just thought I'd do these up for the swap.

    WB- I lay a nice foundation of thread just from a hint of the shank end back about 1/4" then I lay the dacron material ( doubled to form loop) under the shank, I begin wrapping my thread forward carefully to hold dacron or gut under and to the sides of the shank , all the way to ,again, just a hint of the wire showing. I then start back ,this time even tighter, with my thread , about half way I snip one of the dacron tags and continue wrapping about another 1/16" and then snip the other for a nice little taper. If tying quantity ,I then whip finish and do another hook. After they are wrapped I put two coats of "very thin" head cement on the base to secure it all very nicely.

    Hope this makes sense. Happy to show you sometime if you can make your way to Marysville.

    Davy, the other fiber optic cable guy
  15. So whens he due date ad where do we send em?
  16. Hmmm, sorry, I *thought* I had replies last night but I don't see the reply, so I guess I was imagining it.

    How's Monday, June 6 for a due date to me?

    I'll send out email this weekend with swap details, snail mail address, etc.

  17. When does Summer Steelhead open? :beer2: June 1? :beer2: My vote would be closing the swap shortly before that. :thumb:
  18. LOL Trevor. I'm already tying up my summerrun boxes. Hope to have my driftboat ready for a couple rivers that have summerruns by June 1st (we'll see, but I doubt I'll have it finished).
  19. Jerry, if it isn't, I think I know where we can find a boat that you might be familiar with. :thumb: I'll gladly trade rowing for your knowledge of the local waters.

    FYI, I'm tying the Georgia Peach Spey (in my gallery) minus the jungle cock plus a counter rib for durability. I've started 8 of em. Bodies and hackle are built; they just need the throat and the wing. I'm waiting for Bronze mallard and more BEP hackle to come in the mail to finish em up.

  20. What boat could that be? LOL. Actually, I'd row and just let you fish. Need to get the shoulder up and running, my main concern actually. So would be my pleasure. LOL.

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