Sun Lakes / Dry Falls Campsites Help Please!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Mike Colagrossi, May 11, 2005.

  1. Well I know everyone already has gone to Dry Falls earlier this year but a few of my buddies and I are heading out in early June and I need some help on camp sites. We will have two boats in tow most likely if that helps any of the suggestions.

    I have been looking at the Sun Lakes sites and contimplating putting in an online reservation but I have never camped there so I all the spots mean nothing to me. If any one can give me a suggestion of a good spot in the park to reserve or target that would be great or if there are any other locations in the area that are solid to check out.

    It will be about 8 guys with boats, fly fishing gear, drinks and guitars so privacy is always VERY nice if possible. We are not opposed to off the beaten path campsites as well if anyone is willing to share.

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions and feel free to email them to me if you don't want to post at

    Tight Lines,

    Mike ptyd

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  2. Well Mike... there are several pretty good plans of attack on this one...

    First for privacy... try the end of either of the dead ends... like sites 15-18 or 28-32... these are also protected from the wind. Now as far as "boats" are you talking trailered boats (row boat or power) or are you talking pontoon 1 man boats? If trailered I would say stay closed to the rangers station the site are bigger and more open... 150-154 or 156-159.

    Just remember that at a state park there is not a lot of privacy... but please remember to keep others in mind (volume of music and drink limits).

    Have a great time! I will be over that way the first week of June as well... what dates?

    Tight Lines... :beer2:

  3. I think that we stayed in sites 34 - 40 (or so) at the WFF event a couple weeks ago.
    35 is a good campfire site
    34 is the 'buffer' site from the rest of the campground (trucks and boats could go there .. there's plenty of room, that's where Monty's camper-palace was located)
    36 & 37 would give you the block of sites on that dead end.

    Hope this info helps!
  4. Thanks for the advice I am looking at 18-19 and the others right now. We will be there from June 3rd to June 5th look for the red and white clacka that is where you will find us :).

  5. I stayed in site 19 myself last week. Its a good site on a dead end road and close to the new restroom with showers. You also have a water spicket about 50' or less from this site. Its protected from wind coming off of Park Lk. and wind coming down from the coulee. It also doesn't collect as much cotton from the trees like the two campites at the end of the road.

    Just make sure your food, or anything that smells like food, is safe from the raccoons at night. The people in the neighboring campsite lost a rainjacket to the little guys.
  6. 18 and 19 are OK (though the park doesn't have any what I would call first-rate sites), so are most of the sites in the other dead end (26-34) and the sites in the corner (54-56?) are not bad, though close to the RV row, which can get a little noisy. I always bring my Lavro and it seems to fit in those spots fine. The rest of the sites are basically on a flat broad lawn with no privacy at all and precious little shade. But there are no real "private" sites in the park, so do please try and keep the noise down.

    There are some sandy flats along Banks lake where I believe it is legal to camp for free (I've done it anyway) where you can be by yourself. It's a little farther to Dry Falls, and you give up some security while you're fishing, but you can maybe get in a little carp stalking before breakfast.
  7. Those pesky racoons!! I was there opening weekend with a buddy of mine, and as we were setting up camp in the dark, they were eye-balling us. I shewed them away once, and while I had my back turned to the basket of dry foods one came up and snatched our hotdog buns. Word of warning, they are fast and not shy!! I would also add that even if it doesn't smell like food they may have a try at something. We had a package of salt & pepper, still in the plastic packaging unopened; well the next morning I found it 4 or 5 campspots away torn up.
  8. I was there during the WFF outing a few weeks back. I had my cooler with all my food sitting next to my car, then I went and sat at a campfire about 25 feet away. In only an hour's time, the damn things got into all my food, rendering it inedible. Thank god they're not smart enough to open beer cans.
  9. I was there last year with the boy. He had been playing with a golfball that he found (likely an out of bounds shot from the course at the resort), and he left it in the Lavro. In the middle of the night I heard what sounded like someone trying to make off with the boat. I jumped out of the tent, and could still hear the racket but couldn't see anybody or anything. A little spooked, I cautiously approached until I could see four or five of the little buggers playing foosball in the bottom of my driftboat. I guess they thought it was an egg. They stopped for a second to give me the once over, then just went back to it.

    The next night they more or less joined us for stories around the campfire. No, they're not shy. We're heading over weekend after this. I'm bringing a high-powered squirt gun.
  10. Thanks for all the input we will be in Site 30 and 31 in the dead end. If anyone is in the area swing on by and say hello.

    Thanks again for all the help!

  11. hey if Hutch and the boys are jammin', id show up just to record some music, you guys sure step up the fishin/camping thing a notch with great guitar jams!
    if i so happen to have court again, ill definitely be stoppin by! peez an greez

  12. Hutch will be there in full effect.. just keep an ear open for the blue grass baseline and follow the music :)

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for what happens to you once you step foot within our radius ;-) :beer2:

    Like I said anyone who is in the area stop on by and we will have a cold one for you!


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