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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jack Devlin, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Decided to leave my rod in the truck today and take a walk on my favorite Puget Sound beach. I came across three fly fisherman who turned out to be Pat Lat, Gary Knowles, and Eyejuggler . I already knew Pat and Gary and was delighted to meet Eyejuggler for the first time. Pat gave me one of his latest outstanding fly creations (can't wait to fish it) and Gary showed me the flies from his recent SRC fly swap. In addition to Gary's killer SRC pattern, there was a beautiful reverse spider tied by Eyejuggler. Nice! Best I've seen.
    What a great day and fortuitous meeting with three fine fisherman and fly tyers.
    Photo (from a distance) of Pat, Gary, and Eyejuggler. DSC01107.JPG
  2. That's funny Jack, that's the one beach I skipped today! Did anybody find any fish? I saw a ton of chum fry, but didn't find any slashing searuns, I did finally connect on a nice 14"er at the end of the ebb, but that was it.

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  3. Hi Steve. I think they got a couple. There was another fisherman there who got a few as we were watching.
    By the way, Gary showed me your tube herring popper. VERY NICE.
  4. We had a superb day, both in camaraderie and fishing. Gary got his first SRC :D and we all caught and lost a handful of fish each. Chum babies and variants were the fly of the day, we hit the first beach at 7am on the incoming and moved to the second one on the outgoing. The weather was really perfect for a Spring day in the NW, a nice mix of sun and a bit of light moisture!
    Was awesome to meet you Jack and have a superb full day outing with great peeps, epic NW beach scenery, and some feisty fish!
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  5. Great day too Steve, cool on the 14" one! Yeah I def saw lots of Chum fry as well, the water was crystal clear!
  6. Nice. I don't know Eyejuggler, but Pat and Gary are great guys. Pat's flies are amazing. I'm ashamed to say I've lead them both to fishless spots on the Yakima.
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  7. I was fishing my popper in the outgoing creek water out on the bar.

  8. Totally saw you out there! Should have taken a closer look :)
  9. We all found a handful of fish, plenty of slashes and leap were seen as well as thousands of chum fry. I got 6 fish today, including my first ever SRC from the beach. The biggest was about 11" and the smallest about 6" but all were plenty feisty. Thanks Pat and Dave for a great day on the beach. It was nice to see you again too, Jack. I wish I knew Leland was there, I would have loved to meet a master.
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  10. Were you fishing your new build?
  11. Nice to see you today Jack, good day on the water altogether, but I'm sure it will get better over the coming months. Hope to meet a few more people while out chasing those feisty little cutts.
  12. Yeah I was fishing the 9 ft 6 weight I built, it is a pretty sweet rod for the money. I'm building a another that will be my beach rod and donating this one to PHW.
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  13. Very nice. I had similar results as Steve - tons of fry dimpling, not a single fish feeding or at the end of my line. Glad you guys found 'em!

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