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  1. Would you head down to the lower deschutes? I will be there in late May. Last year I fished fall River which was a little more technical then I am used to. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I'd fish the fall river again. I like the technical aspect of it though. Sunriver fly shop is a good one.....
  3. In late May, the stonefly hatch could be going strong on the lower D... the downside is the river might be kind'a crowded but you can always find somewhere to fish and if the redsides are taking adult stoneflies, the action is hard to beat.

    Fall is technical, fersure.
  4. late may should be decent for salmonflies on the lower D..I would hit the Fall.throw on a large sculpzilla and strip strip strip.
  5. Watch out for the poison oak. Seriously.... not a typical stay away bears, rattlesnakes, ticks warning - that stuff is everywhere on the banks of the lower D and is some nasty ass repugnant sh*t.

    The salmonfly hatch is stellar when it's on and a ghost town when it's not. You'll know within the first hour if it's on. The bugs will be crawling up your back and all over your neck. There's a lot of good access along the road. Pick unlikely spots that are hard to cast to. Every spot you think immediately looks good from foot has already been picked over and the fish move out of those spots quick. The big fish are hanging under fly stealing brush and overhangs. The harder the cast the bigger reward. Use 2x tippets if they are keyed into the salmonflies because they're not leader shy in the least at that stage of the game.

    The fall river is preferred to me because it's such a unique river lending itself to technical and light touch presentations. The fly shop in sunriver has probably the best trout fly selection I've seen. The owner is not shy about keying you into patterns that the fish have least likely seen. I love that river....I think if I was going to fish one trout river for the rest of my life, that'd be the one. It reminds me of being a kid and stomping around small creeks.

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