Super Puma vs Super Duper Puma?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by PT, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. I'm considering getting the Super Duper Puma to replace my Super Puma. Anyone here row both and have any comparisons they could share? I really like how my boat rows and was wondering if there's much difference between the two. Super Puma is very nimble and is perfect for what I use her for. But, a bit more room is always nice. Thanks!
  2. The super duper definitely makes it nicer when carrying 3 people/2 people fishing at the same time. I have rowed both plenty and I would opt for the super-duper myself, cockpit feels about the same and IMO, kind of cramped even though it's a little bigger. Rows the same or nicer since the weight is spread out a little better. It's really not that much more boat and still a little on the small side for overnighters, big whitewater, dogs and other stuff- but it's still an improvement. I can't think of a single time in the super-duper that we wished for a smaller boat and have taken it down some really small rivers.
  3. I have a super duper puma, I have rowed a super puma. I agree with Benjy almost 100% except that I have rowed it on big water and it handles just fine (bow forward!), it has plenty of room for me, wife, dog for a week long trip, but also handles small creeky stuff nicely. The only reason to get the super puma is if you want an oar rig that also R2s fairly well.
  4. That's what I was wondering. Bigger doesn't always mean it's harder to row. When you spread the weight you can draft a bit shallower and still row well. Buddy and I own a DB and I have the raft. Thinking about selling both to get down to just 1 boat. DB is really nice but the raft takes me places the DB won't.
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    S.D.P.! All day Every day, unless the water is too small.... then lets talk about my 2nd favorite boat.... the Puma!
  6. SDP owners represent!
  7. Lot's of variables to consider,

    I bought an SDP to replace my SP two years ago and last year I sold the SDP and kept the SP. I also own other boats which helped make the decision for me.

    If your doing really small rivers (as opposed to low flows on bigger rivers) keep in mind that the SDP really needs a wider frame and longer oar. I own every size oar and find that the SP works best with 8'. The SDP requires min 8.5' and 9' is better. 6" might not sound like a lot but when you multiply it by 2 for both oars and your floating channels that are too small for even the 8' oars to row in, the choice becomes more clear. Plus the boat is wider and longer (but floats higher).

    If I could have only one boat for personal use it would be the SDP, because it works on the small small stuff but is also
    good for multi days with a passenger. For my use, I'd just have to drag it a bit more on a daily basis.

    The other thing to consider is the weight. By the time you add a bigger frame and all the exra gear you now have room to carry.... it adds up, and there is a lot more space. I frequently float small rivers where even the SP has to be dragged by the truck up hill to the trailer. I recently cleaned my SP for the season. When I turned it over to clean and inspect the bottom, I was amazed that the bottom showed no substatial wear after approx 20 draggings this season alone (it's a 2007).

    Point is- even getting the boat to the truck dragging point is usually a tough battle. The SDP was too much boat for my everyday use.

    Both boats hold a rower and two fisherman for day trips. For reference, I also own a 15' wave destroyer for a fishing/play boat (and multi days), a Tributary 9.5 for solo or two person use where we have to drag the boat by hand in or out (this is another story, but replaced two Outcast PAC1000 pontoon boats and has worked out great) and an Aire Traveler w/row frame/motor mount for really small stream/calmer waters.

    If I could only have one it would probably be the super duper puma.
  8. Thanks. Went a different direction. Sold the DB and raft and replaced them with a Sotar Strike.

    iPhone Pics 084.JPG

    If anyone is looking for a custom cover for their boat, let me know. I do business with all the canvas and upholstery shops in the area. King Marine did this for me.

    king marine raft cover.JPG
  9. Very nice, PT.
  10. PT, I'd love to get a quality cover for my 14' cataraft. What dimensions do they need to get started?
  11. That's what I have. Good choice.

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