"Super trout, mega-trout...

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    iagree The only MEGA fish I've taken out of that river were whitefish....and actually, a good proportion of the "trout" I've caught there were probably steelhead smolts. Thus I don't fish the river on a regular basis anymore unless it's open for SH.

    On the other hand it could just be my general lack of fishing skills that account for my inability to connect with SUPER trout in that system....I'd probably have to be Arnold "Schwartzenangler" to land one of these BEASTS anyway. In fact after thinking about it, now I'm kind of scared to even try and fish for one of these guys........knowing there are MONSTERS lurking in the Methow, I may never be able to wet wade there again!!!! :rofl:
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    When I first read this thread and the other one on this same river I thought it was hype to get me to buy that magazine. But after you all said the Methow I was kinda disappointed as to where this river of big fish were at.

    It is true that it would be a long drive for nothing as I can find just as many places to fish on the wet side for fish. But where I go is anybody's guess as I don't even plan things anymore I just pick a place and go. But as it stands now lake fishing is just about done for as river fishing now takes over.

    And somebody mentioned places to go or rivers to fish. Well here's a few, they are all on local maps,all you need to do is drive to them. Lets see there is the Beckler,Foss,East Fork Foss,Rapid,N/F Sky,S/F Sky,Tye. These all have summer runs in them and Cutts. Then there is the places that don't get big fish like the N/F Sky,Barkley Creek,Money creek,Upper forks of the Miller River.
    There I listed 12 different places to fish. It will take you a short time to learn where to go on these but you might be suprised and what you catch out of them. While these are the head waters of the Skykomish River. There are others head waters that could stand some looking into. But I ain't going into them right now.

    I could tell you more places but this should hold you all for a while. And while I didn't tell you what rock to stand on,that you will have to learn by your lonesome. And if you care,you have all of the little tribs that run into these places and some of them will suprise you.

    Thank you all for asking for places to fish I couldn't be happier giving away all the places to go to,to fish. After all I did waste a lot of gas to find these places. But I've been fishing in them for over 45 years now and am still finding places to fish in this area. All them little blue lines on the maps are running water. Just pick a few and go hit them.

  3. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Sadly, that kind of hyperbole is just what the entire industry depends on to sell its products or services to the marketplace. Everyone has an ax to grind and it's almost always about money in one way or another.

    Damned near every ad in every enthusiast magazine is carefully designed and written to imply that unless you buy their latest hyper-modulus, ultra-fast Boron-Titanium XRPii rod or their newest large arbor reel lovingly computer-crafted from spacecraft-grade magnewsium, you won't be able to cast nearly as far or catch nearly as many fish. It's a wonder people ever even managed to catch a fish without all the can't-live-without-it shit that's being stuffed down today's marketing pipeline.

    I'm amazed at how much flyfishing has become like the women's fashion industry. No matter how much of the latest gear you buy or the newest hot spots you visit, you'll always be one step short of the 'cutting edge'.

    About all that's missing is an article on how Paris Hilton has taken up flyfishing and her latest honey hole complete with fish porn . . .

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    So it was the Met. That really boils my blood. Its the only local river NCW folks really have to fish. Its small, there aren't that many fish, and its already too crowded. I quit buying those mags a couple years ago after some of my old haunts in MT got ratted. People that want to write about fishing should stick to the experience aspect; the River Why not the River How.

    just my 200 centavos
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    "Super whiners, mega-whiners...

    It's all the writers fault. Forcing you guys to read all those magazines. In high school, these same guys probably forced you to do drugs. Gimme a break.

    I will say this, it's too bad that magazine doesn't have a letters section. I was surprised nobody here went on a panty raid about last issue's "Wild Browns" article.
  6. Roper Idiot Savant

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    "Super whiners, mega-whiners...

    Well, now that we've gone of the deep end here, I'll let you in on a little secret. Going off about super whiners is the same as being one.
    And no one forced me to do drugs in high school, I tried 'em all willingly... :clown:

    So, didja wanna share something about "Wild Browns"...?

    BTW, where would you like that break?
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    I love that magazine and believe that in general they are a responsible bunch, but a few years ago they also ran a story about targeting "giant dollies" on the OP during the summer. Several well-meaning people wrote in and pointed out they were protected in the drainages referred to and NW Flyfishing ran a few of the letters, apologized, and said that they did not endorse targeting endangered species. Of course, an apology paragraph in the letters section is a lot less visible than a cover story on giant dollies, but still they printed a retraction.

    I suspect that if someone who knows the Methow river and fish wrote in a well-formed letter to the magazine talking about how the fishing being described was a risk to other protected species, the magazine would print it. And thoughtful people would read that and add it to their consideration of fishing the Methow.

    It seems that a real response letter in the magazine is the only productive course of action here if that's what people believe in.

    As for writers, I don't have any problem with someone "scooping" a river. I think it's pretty absurd to think that a river is not public domain, and that a writer or a guide or a lodge or a magazine can't use that public resource to further their interests. If it means the rest of us have to keep looking for more quiet spots, then so be it.
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    Ya know, the only thing that I have learned is to not get pissy about this stuff, or the internet, or people on the internet. But I will anyway, so here gos: Flyfishing has become so big that none of this matters anymore. But it is suprising to see people make comments of how lame everything is, but they work in a flyshop and hype up the marketing BS themselves, oh, but not that river, or that product. Frankly, the flyfishing industry is such a lame industry, behind the scenes its such a joke. Everybody hates everybody else, guides hate other guides, this shop hates that shop, its so true, but they keep a straight face on in front of the customers to sell, sell, sell. I've watched people who have no business doing it, promote themselves as god's gift to the sport. It's true, and the bottom line is that it doesn't even matter. Sheer numbers game, with so many people getting into flyfishing, it totally works, the new guys don't know any better, your selling it, their buying it. So don't hate Probasco, when you were a newbee, you liked it, you thought his mag was sweet! But now you got some game, been around long enough to know the difference, and are calling it how you see it. And what you see is that Washington is really a totally messed up place to go fishing, but don't worry, their gonna keep sellin it, and people will always buy it.

    But heres a real winner of a plan, sweetest idea yet: get a guides lisence, its like 300 bucks, Then call all the manufactures you can think of and tell 'em how sweet you are, and they'll give you such a fat deal on gear you'll be in hog heaven. Start a website, to make it look legit, and in no time you can be in the big game! Dude, its sooooo been done, you'll have all the newest crap at half-off! booya! Go fishing once a week, write some BS article, now you have street cred, sure the haters are gonna hate, but so what, look at you, your the man, your so fly, all the fly honeys are knockin down your door. And more, and more, and more, soon your at Jim Teeny status, doin all the big shows, promoting the sport, and then the next generation of peeps come callin, this is where the real dollars start rollin in, they have no idea about the past or the history of your "beloved" sport, but your selling it, and their buying it.

    Its called capitalism, and this country was founded on it. And if they didn't do what I just described to you, somebody else would.

    So stop all this nonsense, just go fishing, life is short and a bus could hit you at any minute, so take a deep breath, make a cast, and hope for the best.

    YT :cool:
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    YT - Brotha

    I totally agree.

    That, I believe, was the best post I have read this year, bravo!!
  10. Backyard SANCHO!

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    Don't you mean... "Stop all this nonsense, just go fishing, cause you could get hit by the short bus any minute... by my mom, so take a deep breath, make a cast, and hope for the best."

    :rofl: :rofl:

    Good post YT
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    Thanks fellas, I'm kind of a mess right now so I don't know where that all came from. But its out their, I kinda agree with it all, but I kinda don't, I just hope its a good read. YT :cool:
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    It was! :thumb:
  13. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    YT, your are wise.
  14. ceviche Active Member

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    To put it in a nutshell, it's all about the commodification of all that we hold sacred to outselves, the commodification of our own desires--and our own buying back into the process we distain.

    People have to realize that this is the metaphysics of capitalist culture. Kent hit it on the nail, and people shouldn't put down Windtickler for pointing out our hypocracy for participating in Capitalism's economics of desire while bumming out how our own personal paradise got paved-over for a parking lot or a WalMart.

    We are all making a buck off the system--whether you choose to admit it or not--while at the same time damning it. I may be a socialist at heart, but I don't fault a man for trying to make a buck--it's how anyone gets ahead in the belly of the beast we live in. If you work iron, you have to consider that your livelihood might depend on a strip mine somewhere over your own personal horizon. I once worked on crude oil tankers while being quite aware of the affects of the Exxon Valdez, global warming, environmental pollution, and all the rest of the junk that surrounds petroleum. At the same time, that was the best job I could find that could put me through college without going too deeply into debt for a degree that could never pay for itself.

    Do you drive a car? Does it have a high green rating for low emissions and does it get good fuel mileage, or are you driving a monster that sucks gas (and your wallet) like it's going out of style while adding oil drops to the machine-made runoff into our local rivers, streams, and lakes? And what about your job? So what part are you playing?

    But all that is basically didactic. Face it: Most of us can't afford to buy the latest ride that barely sips gas or diesel and hardly exhales a fart. Most of us have crummy jobs that dictate that we commute and pollute. Most of us work doing something that contributes to the problem. Personally, I wish I was like Kent, who once admitted to being a male escort (Naturally, you were joking...?). Of course it ain't what it's all cracked up to be, but at least that job ain't justifying pumping oil out of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge--it's only a different kind of pumping for dollars... At least it leaves a smile on that natural momma once your done.

    What it all comes down to is being honest about the part you play in the scheme of things. It's only after that can you begin to make honest choices towards doing the right things--that are within reach--and not pointing fingers at others before owning up to the crummy parts you really play a part in. What it comes down to is having a little humility and working from there.
  15. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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    I'm currently wiping the coffee off my computer screen... and I'm still laughing! :thumb:
  16. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Is Yt out there driving his short bus around again???????????????????

  17. Denny Wagenman Active Member

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    That article kind of reminded me of a post on the Cedar 6/2 indicating hooking 40 fish and 10 were over 20". Haven't seen any report like that since
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    I've just pulled an article that STS had accepted for publication. It was actually about a fishing technique, and not a specific place, but of course the general area (sort of "rivers around Forks" generality) got a big plug with plenty of grip and grin trophy shots . . . just the sort of thing the locals hate. (And it's certainly true that the real experts on any given river system are never the ones who write about it. Just the guys who fish with them and look over their shoulders and say, "Hey! That's a new angle I've not seen written about!")

    Previously, I had one article published and it's fun to get your name in print, but the economics of writing for publication somehow are beyond me . . . 12-15 hours to write an article that you sell for $300 bucks and in the process you're selling out someone else's techniques or secret honey holes or something of value that you didn't originate yourself (unless you're Lee Wulff, and he doesn't publish often these days).

    One of the few consolations of being a kiss-and-tell writer on a technique is that very few people actually apply exactly what the author of the article describes. Sort of 3/4 or half do it . . . doesn't work . . . back to the old ways.

    * * * * *

    So I guess I'm all for the Roderick Haig-Brown writing and less enthusiastic about seeing a map of the Zipperlip hotspots published in STS. Of course, I still subscribe to STS because you never know when there's going to be an article that maybe helps me catch more fish . . . . hypocrisy begins at home . . . now where's my fluorocarbon tippet spool got to? :beathead:

    PS YT, good stuff.
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    he's not driving; he's just licking the window in the back of the short bus.