SW fishing at Larrabee State Park??

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by mcoomer, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. So, my two nieces are coming up from San Diego for the annual "Let's Take Your Aunt Out Camping Because You Know She Hates It" camping trip. Well, this year the wife surprises me by saying that she wants to go because a friend of hers told her about crabbing at one of the state parks up north. Me, I was thinking more like Lake Easton or some other easy to get to place up in the mountains but I decide to check it out and the description for Larrabee State Park says there are fishing opportunities for crab, clams, oysters, trout, perch, and salmon. Hmmmmmm.....this might not be that bad, so I booked a weekend campsite for the second week of July.

    So, anyone ever do any fishing up in that area? I'm figuring on taking the 7wt and some SW flies that I've got but if you've got any specific info on what I might run into up in that area or patterns and tactics I'm all ears.

  2. Larrabee is a very nice park. Immediate shore access is to two small coves and some rocky outcrops. The times I've been there the coves appeared to gather a LOT of salad, but the outcrops were fishable. It doesn't look like the cutthroat water I'm used to, but it is at the north end of Samish Bay, and if it's at or near the deep-water break, that would be a good thing. It's also just south of Chuckanut Bay which is supposed to be good (pretty limited shore acces though). If you have a boat, there is a good public launch just north of the park.

    I thought that the rockfish (and probably perch) habitat looked good, if there are any left around there. It certainly should be worth bringing the rod, and I'm sure the crabbing and shellfishing is great. It's pretty muuch oysterville around there (which could speak well for the cutthroat fishing).
  3. It was a while ago but I went to Western (11 years ago) and did some diving off the boat launch at the north end of the park. Around the point on the right, there were lots of perch and crab there. The water there was only about 20 feet deep or so. I think the land there is private property but since we were in the water the entire time, we didn't worry about it.
  4. It'll probably be too early, but a lot of Pinks, Chum, and Silvers make their way through there. Unfortunately, I don't think they'll be showing up in any kind of numbers until late August or early September. I know there are a lot of greenling in there as well as other assorted bottom fish. If you follow Chuckanuck drive there are several turn outs where you hike down and fish. The in coming tide seems to be the best. Good luck.

  5. Thanks for the info so far. I am going to be taking my pontoon so at least I have that going for me, as far as mobility goes. Any more info is appreciated.

  6. You might also try Teddy bear Cove. There's a railroad bridge that crosses the opening to the cove. During high tide perch, flounder, and when the season is right, chum and silvers hang out around there. I'd try green and white clousers. The current can be pretty fast around that area, so be careful. Good luck.

  7. There are also a couple small lakes on Chuckanut mountian - Lost and Fragance accessable from the Chuckanut drive side and Pine and Cedar and Mud from the other side. Not to far away in Bellingham there is Padden Lake in a Park and on the East side of B'ham are Toad and Squalicum. Squalicum is a walkin fly only water.

    From my limited experience the better cutthroat fishing is North and South of the park. You may want to get with one of the local shops to see what they have to recommend at the time you are there but certainly some possibilities.

    Tight lines
  8. well, I guess things have changed because when I lived in B'ham, Teddy Bear cove was the nude beach...

  9. Launching from Larrabee for a bit of crab and cutts is one of my farorite ways to spend a late summer day. Dump the pots in the morning for a days worth of soaking and spend the rest of the day casting for cutts along the shore.

    There are a few small streams in the area that I believe the cutts come from plus the ones from the Samish River are also in the area.

    This is more info then I have ever given out on spending a day ar Larrabee.
  10. I've always had the salad problem off the beach there. Your pontoon may help you a bit. I would really look into the lakes Smalma mentioned. I have to wonder, will you be setting your crab pots with your pontoon boat? I can't imagine having any arm left for some casting.
  11. give H&H Outfitters a call (there in downtown b'ham) and the guys there can set you up with all you'll need to know.

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