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    Fished Selway, E Fk Bitterroot, Yellowstone, and a few small Ystn tribs over 3 1/2 days from 8-2 to 8-5.

    Selway- only fished a couple hours in the evening. Only went ~5 miles upstream from confluence w/ Locsha. Caught 1 on small soft hackle dropper. Few small mayflies and midges hatching, didn't see any fish rise.

    E Fk Bitterroot- Excellent, fished all day. Fished dries all day. Golden Stones hatching from 11-5. A foam bodied yellow stimi type fly fished just under the surface was crazy good.

    Yellowstone- Floated one day from Mayors to Pig Farm. Water level very good (~5000 cfs), the whole time we were in Livingston we had thunderstorms pretty much every afternoon. Only moved one fish on a hopper. Didn't move any fish stripping streamers/buggers! Ended up catching fish on bugger w/ small bead soft hackle dropper (most fish on the dropper) dead drift/slow swing. Few PMDs hatching during the day.

    Yellowstone tribs- water looked OK, but fishing was slow.

    Great trip, some of the old timer locals said they couldn't remember a wetter summer around Livingston. Can't wait to go back... happy fishing, Chad
  2. Bill Dodd Bill's in a time out.

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    Nice report, great pics, Thanks for sharing.

    Bill Dodd.
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    Nice brown.

    I cant believe golden stones are hatching this late. Amazing. Ive never fished the East Fork. I have always been a west fork fan. Maybe I will have to change my mind.

  4. bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

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    Don't change your mind! Fish both forks! :beer2: