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  1. I am coming to washington (Vancouver, WA area) to fly fish for some steelhead next week and am looking for a reputable guide. As a college student and a summertime Trout guide in Utah, I do not make a whole lot of money, so I would offer to advertize your guide service to my clients this summer (many of whom ask about steelheading) in exchange for a discount for services.

    If this offer interests you, email or pm me


    Mark Mataya
  2. Contact Steelie Mike
  3. . Contact Wes Hill, you can find him on Northwest trout. If you still cannot get ahold of him then I will drop you his number. He guides on the Kalama, EFL, NFL and Shougal. There is also Phil Black and Steve Buckner. Buckner is a great spey instructor. You can find Steve on this site.
    PM me if you want info on current conditions.
  4. Try Rob Orzel @ 360.373.3557. He guides the Kalama. Good times guaranteed :)
  5. Thanks for all the input guys....

    Steve Buckner has been mentioned by a lot of people to me (even someone here in Utah recommended him) so it looks like he has a great rep. I just can't afford him unless someone wants to split the cost of a trip? I was originally going to split the costs with my uncle, but he has changed his mind He charges $325 for 2 people for a whole day. He has the 29th open and that would be a great day for me.

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