Swart's Beastly Salmonfly

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    Sometimes you need to go big, thus a giant nymph fits the bill. My own pattern I've came up with.




    Any 3x long hook should work: #4 hook
    6/0 Brown MFC thread.
    Mercer's Buggy Nymph Dubbing Dark Stone mixed with a lighter shade of brown.
    .25 lead-free wire wrapped from right behind hook eye to point of hook.
    Legs: Any black nymph legs. Tied an overhand knot for each leg then carefully tied in.
    Tails & Antennae: Trico Brown Turkey Biots.
    Carapace and Wing Case: Brown Swiss Straw colored with dark brown waterproof marker.
    Ribbing: Copper Brown Wire, smaller size.
    Eyes: Monofilament melted with lighter and colored black.

    Not for the beginner fly tier. image.jpg
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    very creative tie. nice work.
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    Nice, juicy monsters.;)
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