Swedish Mauser to trade for?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by clockwork, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. hello, i have an M38 swdish mauser rifle that i would consider trading for fishing gear. im in the market for a good 3 or 4 wt rod or combo. im also interested in waders or a float tube or pontoon. for that matter let me know what you have if you are interested becasue maybe there is something i forgot. my foot size is 9-10. the gun is in good shape and is a bolt action gun made in 1916 at Carl Gustavs Gevarsfaktori in sweden for the swedish infantry. it shoots the 6.5x55 round and is widely accepted as one of the most accurate military rifles ever made and will shoot groups approaching 1". i have some accessories as well including bayonet, flash suppressor, stripper clips. it has the more rare micrometer sights as well for those who are into collectables. ballistics of the rounds are in the 2800fps for a 140gr bullet in the heavier loads and has excellent long range ballistics. the barrel is 24" as well. im in pullman and my # is 509 332 2072.
  2. whats up homey??? I might have a few things to trade you??? How much is the Mauser worth to you in trade equivalence???



    ~Patrick ><>
  3. it's value is somewhere in the $150 range last time i checked but these particular mausers have seemed to appreciate more than other mausers. luckily the cartridges have gotten cheaper, when i bought it may years ago when they were first imported, a box of ammo cost about $25-$30 per 20 but now they are only about $13 for hunting grade. anyways what you got? you planning on doing any fishing this weekend? i was thinking of hitting some of those Cheney area lakes as i have yet to try them and the rivers are pretty much jacked up last i knew. we never did get to meet...anyways let me know what kind of provisions you might have to barter. thanks-ryan
  4. i would like to comment here, not interested in a trade

    the mauser is a fantastic rifle. my good friend has a issued WW2 swedish mauser. those SOB's are probably the most fun i have ever had shooting, and i have shot alot of guns including 50 cal, HBAR's, kalishnakovs (sp?), and about ever bolt rifle out there. nothing like shooting a big boy, but its not big enough to blow your arm of shooting it. funny thing my friend told me, apparently in cali now all 8MM rifles are considered anti-tank weapons:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl i dont know either. just an endorsement from someone who has shot this particular type of rifle alot, it is by far my favorite!

  5. I have a 8' fenwick glass rod and reel if that interest you

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