Swimming Frog

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  1. Bass season is almost here!

    Hook: #2 TMC 8089
    Tail: orange rabbit strip and 4 olive grizzly neck hackles
    skirt: deer hair
    Body: Orange, yellow, olive and black deer
    Eyes: 3D gold and black
    legs: light and dark green round rubber

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  2. Very nice tie!
  3. love it
  4. Freaking set the hook, i'd hit that in a quick minute. How did you get the varied colors of deer hair spun up like that? They look well designed, is that the case or was a bit of luck involved? Damn good looking fly.
  5. iagree and i would like the ? of how you get multiple colors of deer hair spun around. is it in a specific pattern or do you just see what turns out
  6. Looks like the hair is stacked, not spun on the hook. Very nicely tied and an excellent photo as well. it looks like it will push a lot of water. Great fly.
  7. Nice bug. Stacked hair, not hard to do kinda time consuming but they sure look pretty, here's a video link.

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