Swingers: What's your favorite steelhead hook?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by fishkisser99, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. fishkisser99 Member

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    ...geez, these TMC 7989's ROCK! :thumb:

    ...but what's your fav? :confused:
  2. Ron Crawford ===

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    I like the 7989s too and I use them for summer run steelhead, and freshwater searun cutthroat. For winter steelhead I move to the thicker version 7999.

    Also I really like the Gamakatsu octopus hooks for stinger flies.
  3. TallFlyGuy Adipossessed!

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    Mine would be, a TMC 105 size 4, and a Mustad C47S D size 2. I magic Marker the Mustad's to be black.

    Of Course I use my Qtip tubes with these hooks.

  4. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    You all need to get out and go fishing. There are just about to many questions being asked about what hooks to use,what fly you can't live without,what brand of wading boots are the best,etc,etc. I guess that life behind a desk just isn't that much fun anymore.

  5. Denny Active Member

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    Look in the mirror. The Title line is pretty self-explanatory, and you don't have to read the posting OR respond.

    Bad day at home for Jim, I guess. :beathead:
  6. Scott Behn Active Member

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    Mine are the Daiichi AJs and the #2546s...
  7. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    But I like to rile the pot. I can't get out so I have to stir the pot every so often. Besides where I'm at there is no such thing as a Steelhead. Only Browns and Cutts,with a few Rainbows thrown in for good measure. And maybe a Grayling if you are lucky.

    So there. :p :p :p :p :p

  8. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Alec Jackson 1 1/2 light wire
  9. Salmo_g Active Member

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    I used to be partial to the Eagle Claw 1197B, but even those aren't cheap anymore. At least they take a sharp point and retain it after rolling over a few Skagit River boulders. Not that I need any new hooks, but when I buy some anyway, I find myself selecting Daiichi salmon hooks.
  10. otter Banned or Parked

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    there is technology.

    and then there is technique.

    i remember a high school ski team teacher in colorado - rich kids school - who got frustrated because the kids couldn't win to save their ass, and everytime it was the equipment wasn't right. whine whine whine.

    so he pulls a pair of turn of the century boards and boots off the wall in the lodge (this was aspen in the late sixties), challenges everyone to a downhill race, and of course, beats them hands down. the lesson was learned, sorta.

    my point is, if you have the desire, then the equipment doesn't get in the way very much.

  11. gt Active Member

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    #4, 3x stout, circle hook behind a tube fly.
  12. fishkisser99 Member

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    Yes, I agree: a poor worksman often blames his tools. But I lost a lot of steelies on flies I'd tied on crappy Mustads with barbs mashed as well as they'd mash (still leaving a pregnant bump), and have seen a dramatic improvement in hook:hand ratio with light wire, small- (and thus easy to mash) barbed hooks over the last year. ("Think hypodermic," as Dickson puts it.) Plus I break a lot fewer hooks when I flatten the upraised limerick eye out of them prior to tying. I only wanted to know what works well for others, and because I visit a fly shop as about as often as I visit a dentist, I appreciate the suggestions of a few names and numbers to look up. Otherwise I'm at the mercy of catalogs...

    I apologize if I've raised another "What's The Best?" post worthy of Mr. Swan's (and other's) ire--it's only that I HAVE been fishing, with enthusiasm, and observantly so, these last years, and find myself peering into my fly box along the river at all these older beautifully-tied flies on hooks that make me cringe. What do I do with them? Toss 'em? Sharpen 'em with a Dremel tool? Why did I waste such time on such pretty fur and feathers when the darn things are as sharp as bowling balls? (Yes, there ARE too many such questions. Alack! Alas! Forgive us feeble questioners!)

    So I appreciate your input, and will check out the recommended styles. Tube flies have me scratching my head, which is not good for my hair, but they might be an interesting twist in salmon season. Some...what is it? Reluctance? Hardheadedness? --keeps me from putting plastic beads on the end of my fly line...as it keeps me from putting rubber eggs there. Why?

    And: please pardon my impertinence, Mr. Swan, but what hooks do YOU use, anyway?
  13. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Right now just sizes 12 to 18. and as for the name/type I don't remember but they came in boxes of 25 to 50 hooks each at about $5.00 a box/packet.

    When I tied up bigger flies I used Gamagatsu hooks sizes 6 to 2/0. I liked the longer shank.

  14. Jerry Metcalf FishyJere

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    I can't believe the Gamakatsu T10-6H (and -3H lightwire) have not been cited. I have been using these for a couple of years not and they are wonderful. They stay sharp, bouncing off the rocks, longer and better than anything else I've tried.

    The shanks are proportionately shorter than some others which suits me as well. I have been tying smaller flies, especially for summer runs, and the hook size works out well for smaller spey flies.
  15. DLoop Creating memories one cast at a time

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    TMC 7999 for me.
  16. Dan Page Active Member

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    Much has been said on steelhead hooks before. A search should show more information.
    The Gamakatsu light wire hook mentioned above is very springy and from personal experience can tell you they will bend when hooked to a strong fish. Also, there are many ideas on upturned eye hooks, especially in the larger sizes, and the type of knots used to tie them on with.
  17. otter Banned or Parked

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    oh yeah, one more thing.

    my personal favorite hook is

    the one

    thats in

    the water.

  18. Big Tuna Member

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  19. SilverFly Active Member

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    I haven't tried circles yet while swinging. They've worked well for me in other situations and was thinking about trying them this fall. They hold great and seem to be easy on the fish. Any tips on "setting the hook without setting the hook" with circles on the swing would be appreciated.
  20. square tail Member

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    if i am swinging intruders i perfer to use waddington shanks in 25 and 35 mm
    for all other applications i really like alec jackson hooks:thumb:
    cheers will