Swingin' for Summer Steel Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Eric Tarcha, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I would like to host a summer steelhead fly swap with a focus on flies you would swing or skate on the dry line. 10-12 tiers, flies due to me by Thursday August 19th. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP and an idea of what fly you will be tying.

    1. Eric Tarcha- a Leylandesque Fat Style Fly
    2. chattmr-Striped Bass fly for the swing
    3. Brain Thomas-Waking fly on a tube-RECEIVED
    4. robspe7370- Kreelex fly-RECEIVED
    5. Chris Johnson - Spey style fly-RECEIVED
    6. Thomas Mitchell- Max Caddis- RECEIVED
    7. Jarad Skeels- Bunny Spey-RECEIVED
    8. Sean Beauchamp-Wooly worm variant-RECEIVED
    9. bjornjon-Crystal Caddis-RECEIVED
    10. Trevor Thorp-??
    11. Matt Baerwalde-Freight Train-RECEIVED
    12. XXXXX
  2. thought this would be a hot one, as the steelhead swaps usually are. no interest?
  3. There are no Steelhead in Alabama, but I would be game for this swap, if it gets off the ground. There are a select few of us that swing for Striped Bass, the premier anadromous fish of the area, and many of the flies are interchangible...
  4. How about a waker on a plastic tube ?
    Hook provided of course .
  5. Sounds good guys, lets get this one rolling.

    Brian, I'll put you down for a tube waker and chattmr a striper inspired fly for swingin.
  6. well obviously not much interest so maybe we should delay this one for a month or two...
  7. I'm in if you bump the due date back..
  8. i would definitely be willing to kick back the due date if that would drum up more interest...
  9. I`m good with whatever you decide Eric .
  10. Me too.
  11. so anyone else interested in a summer SH swap? it will be fun I promise...
  12. I'll jump in Eric, if it's not to late. ( spey style)
  13. definitely not too late. have not even really started yet. Lets see if we can get a couple of more and then we will kick it off.
  14. Hi Eric-

    I'll participate. My fly will be an Alec Jackson-style spade.


  15. Great! Thanks Thomas, love your flies.
  16. Its been a while since I have gotten down on some swappy swap, I am in if you will have me. I will whip up a bunny spey like creature that GR and wenatchee fish couldn't even resist last year.
  17. Absolutely Jarad, sounds great!
  18. when is the due date? i might as well get in on this, not sure what imma tie yet
  19. I am thinking 3-4 weeks, mid-august, just in time for the real action to start heating up.

    I will count you in Sean.
  20. I'm interested, Eric. I'll tie a crystal caddis.

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