Swinging flies at Blue Creek hatchery

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Kyle Escamilla, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys! So my cousin is wanting to go to the Cowlitz and fish Blue creek hatchery.He is a gear fisherman that fishes with jigs most of the time. He is wanting me to go up to the Cowlitz with him this Saturday to fish. He has no clue where to go on the river and neither do I. Just wondering if I will be able to find some room there to swing some flies. It sucks because he is my only fishing partner and it seems that we are limited to certain spots because of his style of fishing.
  2. Dude, there are hundreds of guys on this forum who fish and put out invitations to various places to fish. There are also numerous fly fishing clubs in the Puget Sound region that meet regularly to socialize and to take part in outings. If you can't find somone to fish with here, PM me. I'll see if we can't put something together That is, if you don't mind fishing with a retired hack. You have to try harder.
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  3. or go upstream to the dam. Maybe not as many steelhead up there, but there should be some salmon still and definitely some cutthroat
  4. Thanks guys. Steve I know there are other people out there. I think I am just complaining about him because he is someone I really like to fish with but it just irritates me he won't make the transfer to the fly. O well I guess.
  5. Hey I just thought of something. Do you guys think we both might have better luck on the Skagit somewhere?
  6. have you looked at those river levels, you will have a very difficult time right now,(flyfishing) i mean very difficult! let that water drop below 10,000 before you try the stretch from the blue creek boat launch down. your buddy may have no problem, but you will.

    regardless, best of luck.
  7. Yea that's why I asked about the Skagit.
  8. Sorry didnt see that, Maybe look at Cascade river by Marblemount, as well.
  9. Yep... And going to look at the Sauke i think too. Gonna just have to do some hiking and exploring off of Hwy 20 and 530. Little tough because its such a far drive but thats ok. Got start somewhere.
  10. I wouldn't have expectations for steelhead up that way
  11. Better luck? Definitely not. Better experience? Probably so.
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  12. Well I'm as cherry as they come to fly fishing anyways so I don;t really have high expectations anywhere I go at the moment. Hey I'm all ears if you know of a better general direction.
  13. It seems like your style of fishing would be more limiting than your gear fishing friend. I know I can fish a ton more places effectively with gear than on the fly. I guess if his "style" is fishing just terminal hatchery holes then you're screwed. I took a walk by the Fortson hole this morning and while it was too high to really fly fish effectively the gear guys were having no problems. They probably would not accommodate you if you wanted to swing and step in amongst them.
  14. Yea I hear ya there and I would never expect them to accommodate me. Thanks for the reply's guys!
  15. Just food for thought: if you really want to fish with your cuz and spend time with him, rather than pressuring him to convert, you could always throw an indicator and nymph on and fish right along side him and save the swinging for trips without him...
  16. It's really high right now. I'd go elsewhere
  17. Ok thanks guys.. Ya I could use an indicator I suppose. I guess maybe I should start trying to find another river to hit up. Anyone have any ideas what river might be in shape. The only river I am familiar with is the sky and we are looking to venture out somewhere else.
  18. 2 words; Northern California.
    Forecast for next 10 days is clear/sunny, rivers have crested and fish are in.
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  19. for some reason that sounds so very good.

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