swinging flies== flossing fish??

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How many fish are flossed on the swing

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  1. 25%

  2. 50%

  3. 75%

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  1. How many of the fish caught swinging flies are flossed?? Just wondering.. Everyone or most everyone is all bent out of shape with the nympthers but I think those fish do take the fly. I think at least half of the fish on the swing are flossed nothing wrong with it but seems when the flies are out to in on the mouth they are flossed in my opinion. at least that is how it is with gear
  2. Its all the rage to use trailing hooks that are a mile behind your bug too. and that would be another reason the hook is out to in. I think the percentage is well less than 25%
    course, I havent caught a ton of fish swinging so I may have only ran into biters so far.
  3. First off, there is something wrong with flossing. Secondly, I've never heard anyone say fish don't eat nymphs and need to be flossed,....fish eat the sh!t out of nymphs and everyone knows this. Thirdly, have you ever caught a fish on the swing?,...I think if you have you would know that 50% is a ridiculous number. I would have voted if there was an option for less than 5%. The only way I can imagine it is if you are swinging over their spawning reds.
  4. What the hell are you talking about? 50% Based on what? You've been steeheading for 20 minutes, so you should be more conservative with your "ideas." Have you ever caught a fish on the swing? I can say, in 20+ years of steelheading, that 0% of my fish have been "flossed." That term is used, as you indiciated, when fish sitting on the floor are molested with a lure and hooked on the outside of the mouth due to said molestation. Fish taking swung flies are taken on the inside of the mouth becuase they enhale and turn. The differnce is the fish is responding to the fly (activated) as opposed to being raped, gear (outside of the mouth). By the way, it is wrong and you don't have to wait until november to shut this down. :hmmm:
  5. Getting in before this one gets out hand. What, are all swingers now flossers. Off to pop some popcorn!
  6. Less than 3% at best. Wow
  7. Dumbest thread of the year nominee..................
  8. Come on dude - 1/2 of all fish on the swing flossed. You must me spanking something more than sand. Im with Pan on this one 100% your poll shouldn't last too long.

    All and I mean all the fish I have hooked on the swing move to the fly. Some hit or enhale the fly so hard that sometimes they are hooked outside of the mouth - but its very rare. I don't and would not nymph for Steelhead - my choice. I watch most of the boats that nymph and they hit the water/run over and over and molest the fish. Lets face it if your nymphing from a boat - its the guys on the oars that are fishing not the unskilled turd chucking the bobber. I do agree that guys that nymph from shore read the water well and show skill in hooking fish and if they move through the run I do show respect for their angling skills.
    Inthe winter I run between 3.5 to 4 feet of leader and never see the fish I am fishing for - how the hell am I going to floss a fish I never see.

    This is the worst poll (or should I say nympher troll) I have seen here in ten years.

    PS - I have an 8 year old and 4 year old watching Dora right now - I bet they understand Steelheading better than you do.
  9. Sandspanker, aka "bug" you seem to be quite defensive about nymphing. If you like to nymph do it. I don't think most of us care how you catch your fish as long as you treat the resource with
    respect. The problem that some of us have with nymphing is that many nymphers (NOT ALL) target fish stacked on the redds.

    I have never in the 26 years I've been swinging a fly for steelhead hooked a steelhead on the outside of the mouth so I'll say I have never flossed one. I'm not voting in your poll because your
    choices are to limited thus making your poll flawed.
  10. 0%

    I have seen many professional flossers in the great lakes. They all used shot with long leaders. Honestly how the hell do you floss a fish on a floating line and hairwing. How do you flossa fish on the skagit with 3 foot leaders? It ain't even possible I don't think.

    Why the constant attack by nymphers?

    Go Sox,
  11. Anyone who has swung a bucktail streamer through a school of red salmon will tell you it's not that easy to do, even when your trying and the fish are so thick you can't see a foot into the pod. You're much more likely to catch a fin. I'll start worrying about "flossing" when I start hooking trout in the pectoral... but that ever seems to happen.
  12. I hardly floss myself, you think I'm going to floss fish?

    Yeah, I know. But this was a pointless thread, so I didn't figure I had to say anything useful.
  13. Sandspanker..... Lost respect for you. I would vote but it would be in the .00000005%
  14. I voted %100. Trick is to know when to "set the hook"

    I find that a tail hooked 5lb fish will fight like a 6 or even a 7lb fish. That and the pulsing sound from my hardy matches up perfectly with the Celien Dion I like to jam riverside.
  15. I think flossing is a term jealous nymphers and gear fishermen use when others catch fish on the swing...

    ..... I was accused of flossing a fish recently on the NFLewis........ I was at the hatchery swinging.... Coho rolling everywhere, gear guys throwing spinners and eggs etc. I hook and land a steelhead and then I hear a bunch of them saying "Flosser!" ... "Damn flyguys just floss those fish" Blah Blah Blah.... Whatever.
  16. well I was just wondering is all because side drifting ( bait is all the rage these days) long leader using a boat to pull you down river most of the fish are flossed it is simple.. fish are swiming up river and leader hook is "swinging" down river the chances are very good for flossing fish. Not that they are planned to do so it just the way it is. I've caught 2 on the swing one was in the roof of mouth and the other was in the corner of the mouth but outside in. 50%... With sink tips seams like the same scenario as side drifting. I was just wondering what others thought. TallFlyGuy sorry one topic has lost all of my respect for me. Why is everyone so touchy?? Did I say that swinging was flossing?? NO jsut wondered if you as me hav thought the % was up there for flossing fish.
  17. Hell defensive I fish bait,spinners,plugs,flies,beads,etc.... Not defensive. I just think its funny how No group of people fly people,gear people cant just say good job on catching that fish. Everyone has to say something like you flossed,snagged etc... hell anyone can catch them if you use bait. Just take what ever means anyone chooses to use and CHILL. I dont even eat much fish. so I don't keep but 1% of them. I love any and all ways to catch these awesome fish. Cant wait to share it with my kids.too
  18. 25 second of my life is now gone...shit
  19. Unfortunately it's a term that was used YEARS ago for gear guys who used super long leaders (8-11') fishing for steelhead in steelhead green conditions (3' leader max was all you needed, especially with roe). These guys used these long leaders, a small corky, and a heavy weight to get it down fast, but line through as many fish as they could. Yes, most were hooked in the mouth, very few were hooked outside of the mouth. I think first time I heard it was back in the mid 70's talking about the drift fisherman at the HiHo hole on the Puyallup. You'd actually be the first flyfisherman I've heard called it. Probably the guys calling you that are the same ones doing it on the Cowlitz at Blue Creek. LOL
  20. Actually, I'd say it's not quite the same. You can get that line down fast and cover more area with a gear rod. Even the heaviest sinktip can't get down as deep or as fast as a light line and heavier weight a sidedrifting setup on the Cow uses (and no, not all sidedrifters use a long leader).

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