swinging flies== flossing fish??

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How many fish are flossed on the swing

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  1. 25%

  2. 50%

  3. 75%

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  1. You guys are all a bunch of liars. Admit it. I routinely floss steelhead with my patented Surface Flossing Muddler fly. Coho salmon have also proven susceptible. The right deer hair, treated to float properly, is the perfect material for getting stuck in their unsuspecting little teeth. It takes a little more skill to time it just right to coincide with the surface rise of a steelhead, and it helps to have several underwater cameras set up and synchronized by satellite to a time-corrected atomic clock at Hanford, linked to the vanadium-alloy microprocessor chip that I had surgically installed in the casting-lobe of my brain ... but it is worth it.
  2. If there is no such thing as a stupid question, then there must be stupid people.

    Swinging flies 39 years and none flossed.

  3. No kidding! I got in here late and looked for 0, now I know why.
  4. If I had gone to work today two of my employees would be looking for new jobs. Said they were going to work this weekend and found out they didn't. Tomorrow may still end up the same for them but I figured I'd let it rest for a day before making that call.

    The Chelada can is for when I'm power tying. Just hang the hooks off the lip of the can to dry. Wish I was in the
    Tropics......... somewhere~!

    SSPey, way to floss up that player. That's a special skill!
  5. I agree. Closer to -0- than 25%.
  6. I really dont understand the hate. I never once said that people have said I'm a flosser..Or do I try to floss the fish. I was just stating or asking what if any % of fish were flossed while swinging flies. I have caught 2 on the swing and one was out to in so i figured it was flossed. I could be very wrong. And as to all the people on here that have lost respect for me. You really don't know me other then on this web site. so REALLY don't know me other wise.. For east fork and the other local guys I think you would at least hold out to the lost of respect if we were to go fishing sometime. Then by all means judge me then not for asking a simple question. I figured that there was some % of flossed fish so I didn't think of adding a 0% again that was my thoughts. Sorry to stir up some bad blood. never meant too. Just was wondering everyones thoughts.
  7. Jordan, sounds good. I routinely travel with a sixer or half rack within arms reach.
    PT wears man sandals in his photos.
    Sometimes even using good rigs and technique fish get hooked in strange ways. Hell, just this year I've caught three whitefish on dries. Two on the Yakima within inches from the bank on chubby chernobyls and a third on a creek using a hopper. No flossing. Certainly not what I was expecting when I placed those floating bugs in spots expecting them to get the trouthammer.
  8. I flossed a troll once.
  9. Was it a wild troll that got released or a hatchery troll that you bonked with some stone shampoo?
  10. I see a huge market for shrimp n' anise oil flavored line ;)

    Swing/skate on top 0%, swing below and certainly seems reasonable the odds go up. Good god, if the gear guys ever get wind of this we're toast!
  11. That is all i was wondering if others thought it was a possiblity of happening more then some would like to believe.
  12. We aint swing'n micro Sz 10 or 12 dark bugs.. can you dig it?
  13. Alright, WTF! People are getting a little uptight here lately. In reading your origional post, I figured this was an honest question, especially if you are new to flyfishing, because a TON of gear dudes do infact think that swingers are flossers. If anyone doesn't believe me on this, get out a little more. Actually, go look at the Caddisfly blog and see just what got written on the back of one of the employee's SUV when he got off the water on the central Oregon coast by a bunch of gear guys. So, before I tell you that I hate you and your a horrable person who beats up little old ladys for thier milk money to feed your crack habit that you must have for ever thinking of such a question, let me give you my honest answer.
    In my.....let me puff my chest a little...hold on.....ok....16+ YEARS of fishing for Steelhead (after 10 years you get the "steelhead expert" pin to wear on your vest...the problem is that anyone who is truly cool doesn't wear a vest anymore), I do not believe that I have ever flossed a fish. I have however snagged a couple. I snagged one last year right in the eyeball, on a type 6 tip in the middle of the swing, on an unweighted fly, with a 2 foot leader...So yes, I do believe it can happen, although I do believe it would a one in 100 billion chance to acutally floss one. Accidently snagging a fish is much more likley, and it does happen from time to time...and no, It does not make you a horrable sportsman. Either break it off or let it go and make another cast. Wierd shit happens out there. In the case of the fish you hooked outside the mouth, who knows...my guess is that the fish went for your fly and grabbed it from the side, then turned on the side your hook was on...but who knows. If you did infact truly floss that fish, go but a lottery ticket right now!!
  14. It was a nate, Ed. One of the dumb ones who swims along with his mouth open.
  15. Almost never. flossing fish typically requires a concentration of fish and that nearly never happens with steelhead.. now coho and chinook are flossed a LOT because coho and chinook pant that is they open and close their mouths when they are in fast moving water where a of of people fish for them as they are traveling
  16. Thank you ozcast that is all I really wanted from this topic.. Cant wait to see you on the river sometime :thumb::thumb:
  17. i have accidentally flossed one fish on a trout pole was fishing a worm with no weight and a chinook ran into my line woops but never have had it happen on a fly pole i hooked a silver on wednesday and it actually chased down the bunny leech that was about 5-8 inches from the top.
  18. This site is famous for people getting butthurt when you question their preferred method of fishing, so don't take it personally despite the personal responses. Just try and phrase your questions better. It sounds like you were genuinely curious if people think they're flossing fish. From my point of view, if you're swinging correctly, then you're not flossing fish. Same goes for nymphing.

    I would have voted >1% - Occupy WFF.
  19. Is it really sporting to go after mouth breathers?
  20. Cant quit LOLin at your post man.

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