Swinging for Springers

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Rod Wittner, May 3, 2014.

  1. Lol. Sure thing Rolf. Salmon get grabby again when they are settling into spawn mode and start getting territorial about space and females. Hence why the general consensus is fall kings are better biters. They come in pretty hot and ready to get at it. Springs aren't the same fish at all and their riverine environment is typically 180. I could go on but you know all that. Catching fish starts with understanding your quarry....
  2. I have caught many legit spring/summer kings on the fly. Black/chartreuse, Purple/cerise or Blue/chartreuse work well. LOTS of flash. Pretend its a big ass plug. You want to PISS THE FISH OFF
    The more articulation the better. Swing DEEP and give the fly twitches/strips and you can get some HARD takes. I heard the HOH is closing, but is the Sol Duc still open? those fish are amazing.
    I have a SBS for a double intruder on my old laptop, Ill have to post it. Works amazingly well.
  3. I've never targeted springers but did land one right below Sniveley while bass fishing. It took a small brown BH bunny leech. It was in fairly slow water that I had swung through, although I'm not sure swung would be the right word as it was so slow it was more like dead drifting. It took it as I was slowly stripping it back in. A couple weeks later, a friend I was bass fishing with landed a chinook lower down in the Snively to Hyde stretch. It too was lying in typical bass water.

    So based on this, I'd say the way to catch springers is to simply go bass fishing, LOL!
  4. if only that section was fishable now :(
  5. well been at it a couple weeks now, been tryin it all and still no takes except for some trout and squawfish but i haven't given up as ive seen fish almost every time ive gone. buddy hooked one first cast on gear chucking a spoon the other day.
  6. The lower river is not cooperating... chocolate milk for the last couple of weeks. Does appear to be clearing somewhat today however... Not much time left.
  7. >>>> So based on this, I'd say the way to catch springers is to simply go bass fishing, LOL!

    That's my technique for steelhead on the Columbia ;)
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  8. got so excited last night i almost pissed myself after a massive hit and a big deceptive run, only to land, no joke, a 28-30 inch 9-10 lb. squawfish :D
  9. Any cleaner? I may be on the upper open section briefly tomorrow. Heading to Renton to pick up my Drift Boat :)
  10. pristine, best ive fished it for springers in awhile that i can remember up here right now.
  11. The lower river is still brown. Looks like the upper river may work, though.
    Congrats on the new boat!
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  12. Got a late start, did not fish, upper section is indeed pretty looking right now. Boat is a 16' 1997 Clack drifter. Guy took good care of his stuff. I'm stoked to begin adding gouges to the bottom :)
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  13. The lower river is fishable. It's marginal, but improving. I saw a couple of guys chuckin' gear below Horn Rapids today. And it has dropped about 2k cfm over the past week or so. Maybe we will get a shot at them afterall......
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  14. and lower is blown again, the one day i'm actually off by 5...
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  15. ...and it appears the water is continuing to rise...
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  16. The Klickitat opens for hatchery springers on Saturday (6/7/14), rule change from WDFW. Might be a thought though they do move through the lower river pretty quickly. River's in good shape.
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  17. Yep, the Yak is brown again... and the flow increased a couple thousand cfs the last 2 days. With the nicer weather, the rubber hatch has started as well. Screw it. It's steelhead time.

    Thanks for the update, Rolf. See you tomorrow.;)
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  18. eh me too!
  19. Leave one for me, i think ill haul the DB over next weekend.
  20. need a shuttle?

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